Lighted 911 Memorial Will be Skipped Because the People Setting It Up Could Get Coronavirus

It would be too dangerous for the workers. When they were setting up the lights, outside, for the memorial, they could become infected with the coronavirus.

It’s just about public health, you see.


Towering beams of light representing the Twin Towers will not be part of this year’s 9/11 commemoration, with event organizers saying that a highlight of the anniversary is now canceled due to coronavirus concerns.

The memorial said that it had made “an incredibly hard decision” to cancel the spectacle, but since “a large crew” is required to make it happen, the event entails “far too great” of a risk amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

Instead of the annual display that first pierced the skies over New York City in 2002 – visible all the way to Northern New Jersey and Long Island – the museum said it would encourage buildings “to light up their facades and spires in blue.”

It’s so far unclear how many of the city’s buildings will join in the initiative.

It’s almost like anything that would be likely to bring people together, to give people a sense of community, is being abandoned.

The memory of 911 is also just another part of the culture to destroy. “Remember when we were attacked by Moslems and they destroyed our tallest buildings?” isn’t exactly the best message for the new “inclusive” American culture of the communist revolution.

People uniting against Islam was useful 20 years ago, but we’re living in a different reality now.

I guarantee you, no Holocaust memorial events are going to be shut down because of a flu virus.