(((Liev Schreiber’s))) 8-Year-Old Son Goes Out in Make Up, Pigtails and Fishnet Stockings – (((Media))) Applauds

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
July 25, 2017

Once upon a time I wrote a polemic against single moms sexualizing their female tweens with slutty Halloween costumes. There was a time when people would be shocked at an adult woman going out in public dressed like the little boy above – unless it was in the red light district after midnight.

But (((progress))) is moving so fast, we’re now on the defensive against creeping Bacha Bazi. When I say we, I mean us evil Nazis and alt-rightists (even the alt-lite is on board with the LGBTP), because our media and government is run by a mentally depraved minority of Jews and fags who can’t wait for pedophilia to become normal and accepted.

If you think dressing little boys like adult female prostitutes is morally repugnant, they have left you no choice but to become one of us!

Observe the unanimous praise (((Liev Schreiber))) is getting from the MSM and (((blue checkmark Twitter))) (should be renamed yellow star Twitter) for going to Comic Con with his son dressed like this.

Digital Spy:

Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber’s son accompanied his dad to Comic-Con this weekend and ended up taking everyone by surprise by totally nailing his costume.

While the former couple’s oldest son Sasha dressed-up as a Star Wars Jedi, their youngest son, eight-year-old Kai, went to the event dressed as Suicide Squad member Harley Quinn.

And he freaking nailed it.


Parents make a lot of mistakes, but sometimes, they get things oh so right. Case in point: Liev Schreiber. The actor hit up San Diego Comic-Con over the weekend with his two sons in tow. His 9-year-old son Alexander (sometimes referred to as Sasha, a common nickname) was decked out in a Jedi costume, while his younger son Samuel Kai dressed as Suicide Squad heroine Harley Quinn, causing a major round of applause for Schreiber and his gender-defying son.


Clearly wanting to impress, the youngster’s look included a peroxide blonde wig, fishnet stockings and even the obligatory baseball bat.

The daring costume was painstakingly accurate and dutifully recreated the character’s sassy style, which was brought to life in the 2017 movie by Margot Robbie.

Even the supposedly conservative Jew York Post was heaping praise on this horrifying display.

New York Post:

Liev Schreiber‘s not a regular dad, he’s a cool dad.

The “Ray Donovan” actor took his two sons to San Diego Comic-Con decked out in “Star Wars” and “Suicide Squad” costumes.

Schreiber’s 9-year-old son Alexander Pete went dressed as a Jedi, while 8-year-old Samuel Kai went as female “Suicide Squad” character Harley Quinn.

“Liev Schreiber is an awesome dad for this!” one Twitter user wrote about Schreiber letting his son dress in Margot Robbie’s iconic villain costume.

I don’t know much about superheroes, but I do remember Harley Quinn from my childhood. She has become very popular with women in their teens and 20s as of late because they can relate to her superpower: borderline personality disorder.

Her main role in the comic book world is her sado-masochistic relationship with an anti-social criminal.

Not hard to see why she resonates. She wants somebody to be her daddy.

The fact that this character is a model for children to emulate is sick enough, but nothing compared to the vileness of this image.

Little boys didn’t get the urge to dress like this in public five years ago unless they were being molested or groomed [or suffering from a measurable hormonal disorder -AA]. Those two options are still on the table with the Jew Schreiber’s son, but now parents are indoctrinating their kids in “gender ideology.”

The fact that not one person in our so-called “free press” has made any critical comment – the reaction of the overwhelming majority of normal people upon seeing this – is proof it’s not so “free” after all!

The last time we had a viral child tranny image being praised by the Jews, only one man with a blue check had the nerve to say something about it.

And the same Jewish media jumped on his back and declared him an evil hater.

They keep talking about progress but what’s the final destination?

(((They))) know, but won’t say. Why is that? Watch how how and where they’re pushing and use your imagination.

Who knows, maybe Liev is showing his son off to the gay Jewish Hollywood mafia to get him a shot on the casting couch.