License Plate Scanning Program Being Expanded

As the Democrats sweep into power, they’re going to implement extreme mass surveillance. That’s another thing they’re going to do.

This technology will be given to regular cops.


The Customs and Border Protection agency has been collecting vehicle information at the border using license plate readers for years. Now, the agency will begin incorporating third-party license plate reader data collected from local governments, law enforcement and the private sector and maintained by a commercial vendor.

privacy impact assessment published July 7 outlines the agency’s plan to incorporate datasets maintained by third-party vendors as part of its investigations. The latest update is the first since December 2017, when CBP authorized the use of license plate readers for data collection.

“To meet its vast mission requirements, CBP relies on a variety of law enforcement tools and techniques for law enforcement and border security,” the PIA states. “One such tool is license plate reader (LPR) technology, which consists of high-speed cameras and related equipment mounted on vehicles or in fixed locations that automatically and without direct human control locate, focus on, and photograph license plates and vehicles that come into range of the device.”

Each data collection—or “read”—gathers the vehicle’s license plate number; an image of the vehicle, including make and model; where it is registered; the location and owner of the camera; and any associated location information, including GPS coordinates. “LPR technology may also capture—within the image—the environment surrounding a vehicle, which may include drivers and passengers,” the impact assessment notes.

In the past, officers—customs officials—and agents—Border Patrol—could only access data from CBP-owned and operated readers.

They’re not just going to be reading your license plates. They’ll be reading your face and your gait – everywhere you go. All these cameras you see everywhere are going to be linked to a central system.

They’re also going to make it so all of the NSA backdoors on your electronics can be used by normal law enforcement to hunt you down.

Every bad thing that you’ve ever imagined is going to happen if we do not win this election.