Libshits Completely Lose Their Shit Over Kennedy Retirement

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 28, 2018

I saw this TIME Magazine cover this morning

And had to double check and make sure Kennedy had actually retired.

But yeah, he did.

Broken clocks and so on.

My position on the Kennedy retirement is as it was when I first heard it: Kennedy was going to be replaced by a Trump appointee eventually, this resignation is a strategic move to force Trump to appoint someone hardcore before the midterms, which will then drum up support for the Democrat’s “get out and vote” maneuver.

Because this is serious business. This legit could mean abortion gets very severely restricted, if not outright banned, along with a bunch of other stuff.

The Jews are sounding the alarm.

Part of the move also could have been intended to try to get Trump, knowing that a hardcore appointee will be a big talking point for the Democrats, to appoint someone more moderate to the court. He is certainly not stupid enough to fall for that – Democrats can’t differentiate between him and Adolf Hitler, they certainly can’t differentiate between a moderate conservative and an ultra-conservative Supreme Court Judge. They would do the “muh body, muh infanticide” bit whoever he appointed.

They can play the same bit if Trump were to decide to hold off on a selection until after the election, as Chuck Schumer is demanding.

Hilariously, the Democrats are so horrible at politics, that they don’t even understand the strategy themselves, and are attacking Kennedy as a traitor.

The Democrats, as we say here often, do not have a platform. However, one of their main positions is: women should kill as many of their own children as possible. In fact, that might be the closest thing they have to a platform. It is an extremely emotional issue for their congregation. It is as sacred to Democrats as the Second Amendment is to Republicans.

So, Trump will appoint someone hardcore, and they will use this as a campaign point.

Just to try and get people to show up at the polls.

Even knowing all of this, it is so great watching them lose their shit.

Joshua Matz for WaPo:

Chris Cillizza at CNN:

The New York Daily News:

And Twitter – you can just imagine.

This is my favorite – a CNN Paki slut blaming Bernie Sanders.

Oh wait no, this one from some random guy is my fav.


That porn star lawyer is saying by any means necessary, suggesting he might start staging bombings.

Nancy Pelosi, apparently still allowed access to her own Twitter account, spewed a nonsense comment, as would be expected if she had access to her own Twitter account (which wouldn’t be expected).

What can that mean? Does she mean that she wants to change the Constitution so that SCOTUS judges are elected by popular vote? 

But yeah.

It’s certainly glorious.

This libshit hit all the main points.

And it’s true.

This is actually happening.

The Constitution does not support any of those things (other than campaign finance reform, which is a legit issue) – but abortion, anal marriage, voting without an ID, global warming horseshit, legalized drug abuse, affirmative action – none of those would have been a thing without the “living document” interpretation of the Constitution.

Another big one is birthright citizenship.

Which Ted Cruz at least used to support. He stopped supporting it when Trump gained traction attacking it, but that is a really big deal. There is a possibility that we could literally strip citizenship from all of these burrito apes, declaring that it was given to them through fraud, and send them right the hell back.

Despite the fact that this is a scheme by the Jew side, it isn’t going to work – we’re still going to get our RED WAVE. And we’re going to just start crushing all of this anti-freedom communist nonsense that was rammed down our throats.

We are sitting very pretty.