Libertarian Cuck Gary Johnson on Donald Trump’s Plan to Build a Wall – “Racist! It’s Just Racist!”

Info Stormer
May 31, 2016


Libertarian cucktard Gary Johnson thinks you are a racist if you believe a nation should have strong borders.

Today’s Libertarian party has changed a great deal.  This is not the 1980s Libertarian party of Ron Paul whose political philosophy centered around Constitutional principals.  Hell, Paul himself was accused of being “racist” and bigoted during his recent runs for President.  The Libertarian party of today is largely a weirdo collection of cucks, Jews, degenerates and anarchists.

The Libertarians nominated former Republican governor of New Mexico Gary Johnson to be their party nominee over the weekend.  When Johnson was asked about Donald Trump he described his plans to build a wall by saying, “Racist! It’s just racist!”

Watch the clip below.  He almost looks like he’s going to cry during the response lol.

I get the fact that there might be disagreements on how to handle the invasion problem but anyone who cries about a proposed solution being “racist” is not fit to hold public office.  With statements like these, it is easy to see why the Jew media is for the first time ever promoting Libertarians as a viable third party option.