Liberian Warlord Assassinated in Canada

“He killed my Ma, he killed my Pa, but I’ll still vote for him”

Does anyone know why Canada needs to import third world warlords from Africa?

I know you need Arabs to put meat on a stick, and Turks to make shaworma, and mestizos to pick your fruit, but what do you need Liberian warlords for?

What occupation in Canada has “experience in cutting a nigga’s heart out and eating it preferred” in the job description?

What was he doing there?

Sputnik News:

A Liberian warlord appears to be the victim in a deadly shooting in the Canadian city of London, media reported.

William ‘Bill’ Horace, a former National Patriotic Front of Liberia rebel group commander, was shot dead in a home invasion on Sunday, FrontPageAfrica reported.

“The victim in this matter has been identified as 44-year-old Bill Horace, of Toronto”, the London Police Service said. It added that the shooting was likely targeted but did not reveal a motive.

London, Ontario is currently the only London in the world that’s majority White, so it’s very likely someone wanted to kill him specifically.

But that doesn’t answer why he was there in the first place.

The police went on to say they cannot confirm the affiliation of the deceased, but family members have told to FrontPageAfrica that the victim was indeed the ex-paramilitary commander.

Horace was a top commander in Charles Taylor’s rebel group that initiated the First Liberian Civil War and was responsible for the number of war crimes in western Africa, including in Sierra Leone.

A Maclean’s investigation in 2010 revealed that Horace arrived in Canada at the turn of the century settling down in Toronto.

So the Canadian government just let a war criminal live in their country for 20 years without even telling anyone?

And no one has a problem with that?

Charles Taylor is currently serving a 50-year sentence at the Frankland prison in North East England having been convicted of war crimes in western Africa.

Well at least that one’s in prison – but why does he have to be in prison in England?

Why can’t he be in prison in Liberia?

Are you saying blacks are so dumb they can’t even keep this one guy in jail?

Because that’s the only logical explanation for why he’d be in England.

And why do we have to care if he’s in prison or not in the first place?