Liberals Flipping Out as Scientific Research Leads to “Neoracism”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer

February 18, 2014

Liberal response to modern genetic science
Liberal response to modern genetic science

As genetic science advances, it is becoming ever more difficult to push the already ridiculous-sounding lie that “all races are exactly the same except for they look different.”

This creates a serious problem for liberals, who have championed science as “the absolute answer to everything.”

Historically, they have been able to deny the scientific reality of race, while also claiming to support science, through simply refusing to fund or, if otherwise funded, to acknowledge, research into the topic.

However, with genetics, the specific purpose of the research was never to prove racial differences, it has merely become unavoidable. And with the high importance and value of genetic research – nevermind the hundreds of billions of dollars and innumerable professional careers involved – there is no option to simply shut it down.

Not this time, Schlomo.
Not this time, Schlomo.

Thus, liberals have gone into psychological breakdown mode, completely incapable of knowing how it is they are supposed to respond to this conundrum.

A recent article from typifies this confused, frantic reaction to the coming storm of justification for scientific racism.

Please note that anthropology is not an actual science.

New forms of discrimination, known as “neoracism”, are taking hold in scientific research, spreading the belief that races exist and are different in terms of biology, behaviour and culture, according to anthropologists who spoke at the annual American Association for the Advancement of Science conference in Chicago.

This comes despite decades-long efforts to reverse attitudes that were used to justify the slave trade and the Nazi ideology.

“Genome science can help us a lot in the individualisation of medical practice,” said Nina Jablonski, an anthropology professor at The Pennsylvania State University.

But she warned that science could be “misused” to propagate the belief that people inherently have different abilities based on skin colour or ethnic background.

She cited new research urging that children be identified based on their genetically predetermined educational abilities and then put in separate schools that could be used to foster different kinds of learning.

“We have heard this before and it is incredibly worrying,” she said, recalling the segregation era when blacks and whites were schooled separately and African Americans were considered inferior.

“The educationalists who are proposing this meant this in a positive way but it is something that could be easily distorted if it were implemented.”

There you have an admission that if an educational program dividing people based on their genetic aptitude were to be implemented, it would amount to a form of racial segregation. That is, effectively, an admission that certain races (blacks, Arabs, Indians, Mestizos) have a scientifically identifiable lack of intellectual capacity, when compared to other races (Whites, Asians… and Jews).

So, these people understand that the science exists, and are not even trying to question it. They are saying that “social justice” should override science, even when it is to the determent of society.


Many distinguished scientists in the United States recognise that race itself is not a biological variable, but they still buy into the notion that shared ancestry can impart certain biological characteristics, said Joseph Graves, an associate dean for research at the University of North Carolina.

Published research has shown that blacks are more likely than whites to have a blood type that causes sickle cell disease and can protect against malaria, and are more likely to have a certain gene called APOL1, which protects against a parasite that causes sleeping sickness.

While Prof Graves did not dispute these findings, he said it is wrong to imply that genetic differences account for the vast health disparities between whites and blacks.

“The assumption is that African ancestry predisposes one to greater disease and mortality profiles in the United States,” Prof Graves said at the conference.

“This is what I call the myth of the genetically sick African.” Instead, social factors are more likely to blame for poorer health among blacks in the United States, he said.

So, genetics prove that blacks are born fundamentally different than us, but somehow, that doesn’t matter, and it must be “social factors.”

Right. Makes sense.

This is going to be a huge issue in the coming years.

Even before genetic coding, scientific racism was just that – scientific. Not based on whatever obscure, vague “hatreds” they wish to accuse us of, but on the absolute fact that people are born differently, and these intrinsic differences cause differences in behavior, resulting in an incapacity of the races to function on an equal playing field, along with natural hostilities between people of variant genetic backgrounds.

But now, the Jews and their liberal lackeys have been literally backed against a wall. There is nowhere to run. Eventually, they are going to have to concede that indeed, Hitler was right.

Yes, you heard that correctly.  Modern science is in the process of admitting that Hitler was right.
Yes, you heard that correctly. Modern science is in the process of admitting that Hitler was right.