Liberals and Jews Celebrate Trump’s Coronavirus Diagnosis

We should probably understand that the Jews view Donald Trump as the embodiment of an ancient tribal enemy. They view everyone that they hate that way. They call it “Amalek.” They believe that anyone who they’ve given this label to is evil and deserves to be “blotted out.”

It’s not controversial that this exists and that Jews talk about it. Most of them know better than to talk about it on the internet, but many do talk about it on the internet. Just now, after I had typed the above paragraph, I went to Twitter and found the most recent tweet calling for the death of Amalek (Trump) from 33 minutes ago.

The Jewish obsession with framing modern politics in terms of tribal vendettas should probably make some people question the concept that they are a peaceful and progressive faith. In actual reality, they are a bunch of savages, and that savagery was on full display when Donald Trump tested positive for coronavirus.

They can’t help themselves.

The Jews have taken over our culture and infected it with their tribal style of visceral hatred, which had led to many non-Jews taking on this gross, hateful disposition.

So, you saw a lot of non-Jews, particularly women and feminized men, embodying this Jewish-type hatred as well.

Of course, a lot of colored people were already pretty nasty, before they were taught that by Jews.

The bizarre thing here is that there is effectively zero chance that Trump will die of the virus, and in fact very little chance that he will even experience symptoms. Everyone sort of knows that, even the people who promote the lockdown.

It’s difficult to describe what is going on with this, where they know he is unlikely to die, and so know that the virus is not really a big deal, but they are obsessed with all of these rules surrounding the virus, obsessed with chanting about “science” and how “we have to be safe.” They seem to look at the virus as a kind of curse for not going through the humiliating religious rituals of wearing the mask, standing six feet apart, etc., and they themselves want to avoid infection because they don’t want to experience a metaphysical curse, not because they actually believe that the virus kills people.

The underlying psychology, as far as I can tell, is just that these people really like following the rules. They are gloating because Trump mocked the rules and is now facing the punishment for breaking the rules, and they’re not processing the fact that this punishment doesn’t actually do anything.

It’s really just nuts, that people are so disconnected from reality.

There will be a positive upshot to Trump testing positive, I believe. For one thing, he can now go out there and say, “I got it, it’s nasty, but it’s not the end of the world, and some people are just going to have to get sick and deal with it like I did if we’re going to bring our country back.”

It was pretty much totally necessary for him to get it in order for him to go out there and say we need to open the country back up. I expect that after the election, if he is not forced out of office by a lunatic mob, he is going to get to work on getting rid of these insane restrictions.

Don’t anyone worry. He will be fine. Even according to the CDC’s own totally fake statistics, he has over a 99% chance of surviving.