Liberal Voters Live Way the Hell Away From Non-Whites

Alternative Right
December 23, 2013

Lib is RacThe truth is always out there. It’s just a question of how to look. This map takes the standard red-blue map of how people voted at the last presidential election, and then factors in race (and for some reason Mormonism!). The key thing to emerge (aside from the fact that the Mormons are well on their way to creating a breakaway state) is that Republicans exist as kind of buffer or intermediate zone between between non-Whites who vote Democrat and Whites who do so, and probably help “facilitate” the latter.

The local demographic dominance of Blacks in certain areas revealed by this map correlates closely with the belt of Democrat-voting counties that stretches throughout the Old South, while the demographic dominance of Mestizos/Hispanics correlates equally well with the belt of Democrat-voting nibbling at the edges of the map, in places like Florida, Southern California, and along the Rio Grande.

The next belt of Democrat voters are the Whites up in the North, in areas like New England, “Scandinavian America,” and the Pacific Northwest. This is shown on the main map in red.

With a few exceptions, the White Democrats and the non-White Democrats are effectively separated by a vast sea of Republican-voting Whites, which shows up on the above map as white.

Insufficiently processed data.
Insufficiently processed data.

This clearly shows what we in the Alternative Right have long known, that Democrat-voting Whites don’t actually care much for their fellow non-White Democrats. Yes, that’s right, White Liberals are the worst kind of racist, the dishonest type; and if they lived in closer proximity to their fellow Dems they would no doubt insulate themselves from them by adopting the “soft racist” views typical of the Republicans whom they affect to despise.

Denial and exceptions might be possible on the individual level, but on the grand scale, who are you kidding? Maps don’t lie, even when they say, “Here be dragons.”

When Texas Flips

On the red-blue voting map, the role played by Texas is interesting. With its Republican-voting Whites, it effectively divides the Democrat-voting Black belt from the Democrat-voting Hispanic belt. But the main map also reveals that the “red dominance” here is very brittle as a large number of these Texas counties have populations that are over 25% Hispanic (and presumably growing), while some of them also have large numbers of African Americans. It seems only a matter of time before Texas flips over into being as Democrat as California. When this happens the pattern of White Republicans separating White Democrats from Democrat-voting non-Whites will become even more apparent.

One obvious conclusion to draw from this is that Republicans, in some or several ways, actually facilitate other Whites voting Democrat, and that if White Republicans did not exist, neither could White Democrats.

This is entirely consistent with the logic of what the Democrat Party now is, a soft racist, anti-White party and therefore only a luxury that can be afforded by Whites who live in securely White areas. When Texas flips, this awkward equation may start to unravel.