Liam Neeson Says Metoo has Become a Witch Hunt

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 15, 2018

This is obviously true.

But who gives a shit?

These kikes brought the storm of slut rage down on themselves.

And honestly, Liam Neeson deserves to have his career destroyed for even daring to question the slut police.


Actor Liam Neeson says the Hollywood sexual harassment scandal has sparked “a bit of a witch hunt.”

Asked about the issue on the Irish broadcaster RTE, Neeson said: “There’s some people, famous people, being suddenly accused of touching some girl’s knee or something and suddenly they’re being dropped from their program.”

He referred to U.S. radio presenter and writer Garrison Keillor, who was dropped by Minnesota Public Radio last year over an allegation of “inappropriate behavior.” Neeson said that wasn’t the same as the “other Harvey Weinstein stuff.” Neeson also said he was “on the fence” regarding sexual misconduct allegations against Dustin Hoffman.

This witch hunt can never touch anyone on the right, who can just admit to pussy-grabbing.

I have already pre-admitted to any gropings, solicitations of sex for money and rapes I may be accused of and vowed to continue engaging in that type of behavior.