Let’s Talk About Face Tattoos

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
August 6, 2018

The failing New York Times reports that facial tattoos are the new in thing now.

New York Times:

At Chicago Tattoo & Piercing Co., which has been in business in that city since 1973, the employees have a name for tattoos on the hands, neck and face. “We call them job stoppers,” said Joel Jose Molina, a tattoo artist at the shop. “Your possibilities are cut down. You’re going to be working at the Trader Joe’s putting groceries away or working that bar job.”

Or then again, you might be cutting platinum albums and performing at this year’s Lollapalooza Festival, like Post Malone. Or broadcasting your amazing pop star life to your 101 million Instagram followers, like Justin Bieber.

Both musicians have tattoos on their faces, a once taboo area to ink.

Good intro. But, look, I don’t really know whether this article is actually about tattoos or not.

My first instinct is that, no, there’s something else at work here. The tattoos are just tangentially related to a broader topic that the NYT won’t touch.

The complete collapse of standards.

That’s what we’re really talking about here. Tattoos are…well I find them to be unattractive on a woman. As for men, well… I’m not your dad.

But you know. Think it through.

Maybe they’ll get you laid. Maybe they’ll just make you look like a try-hard asshole overcompensating for a lack of a personality and identity.

Great conversation starter.

Me, personally, I’m scared of having anything too easily visible that can identify me. Like, think about a police report: “be on the lookout for the suspect, he’s got the physique of a greek God, a solid haircut worth $400 but that he only paid $15 for and a casual sense of style that just screams that he’s too cool to care too much about fashion, and yet he makes it work anyway… oh yeah, and he’s got a scorpion tattoo on his leg.”

Like, that description of me would make it too easy for the cops or the Illuminati or the Reptilians or the Jews to find me.

So I stay away from tattoos. But the keedz are getting into new frontiers of tattoos, apparently.

“If you want to be transgressive — and a lot of rappers want to create a transgressive character — the last frontier is the face,” Ms. Friedman said. “Some of it is to give them a rebel/criminal allure. And some of it is a more artistic or free-spirit reference.”

Post Malone has offered a simpler explanation to reporters for his face tattoos: anything to upset my mom. But with the notable exception of Lil Wayne and Wiz Khalifa, two heavily inked established artists, many of the hip-hop stars with face tattoos are so-called SoundCloud rappers — young, unknown artists who post their music on SoundCloud for free.

Getting Anne Frank’s portrait etched on the side of your face, as the rapper and producer Arnoldisdead did, is one obvious way to attract attention. 

And it just means that standards everywhere are in free fall.


There’s also a deeper, more philosophical take on this phenomenon.

See, America has been worshipping money since before I was born. The whole “Greed is Good” motto should have been etched on the Liberty Bell from the 80s onwards, when the Boomers decided to start making money, and lots of it.

But now, people are done with the whole worship of money thing. Things have degraded past that point. Past the “bourgeois” – by which I mean upper-middle class suburb-dwelling-standard of accumulating shit and taking pleasure in doing so.

The kids are into “freedom” and “experiences” now. They don’t want to bust their humps to get new junk cars and cardboard McMansions anymore. They are more interested in transgression and crossing lines and pushing the boundaries of… whatever. Money isn’t enough for them anymore…they’re in search of something more… authentic.

Boomers, who are money-obsessed spiritual Jews at heart, don’t understand this.

“Kids these days spending money on traveling and drugs and avocados… back in my day…”


But their whole lifestyle is both out of reach and undesirable to the vast majority of the youth, who want freedom more than anything.

Getting face tattoos is like burning the bridge behind you, or burning the boats, or whatever metaphor you like for reaching the point of no return.

You can’t go back into the middle-class workforce after that. You probably couldn’t anyway because of external factors like a shitty education, lack of self-discipline, and bad prospects for work and all that, but you had to take possession of the problem, make it seem like it was your decision.

In other words, face tattoos are about transgression and all that. But it’s also part of the spirit of the age. It’s Platonic.

Just as society degrades, so too does the soul.

From honor-based, to rules-based, to money-based, to freedom-based to tyrannical.

We’re at the freedom stage. Everything goes. Everything is cast aside to create even more freedom. Drugs, sex changes, atomization. Let’s destroy everything that ties us down. Hell, everything has already been destroyed anyway. We’re untethered and completely cut loose from everything… so we try to rationalize it and put a stamp on it… on our face.

So yeah, that’s my big brain nibba take.

The more down-to-earth explanation is probably the most correct one though: drugs.

And things are going to get a whole lot worse before they get better… which they won’t.

Because we’re heading for an era of tyranny. People are going to hit the bottom of this whole freedom binge and start begging for authority to come back. It won’t be the kind of gentle and benign authority that we used to have, where things were high-trust and people could be counted on to follow the law.

No, we’re going to have straight up hard core totalitarism – of one kind or another. And it’s face tattoos… and the Jews that are to blame.