Let’s Talk About Chimpanzee Sign Language

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 14, 2019

Of course the Russians are going to connect chimp sign language to aliens.

Everything goes back to some kind of fantastical shit with these people.


Gestures akin to sign language used by chimpanzees follow several of the same fundamental principles as human language, in a code that extends far beyond mammalian communication and possibly to extraterrestrial life.

Researchers from the University of Roehampton performed a long-term analysis of 2,000 individual gestures of 58 different types used by chimpanzees in Uganda’s Budongo Forest Reserve to communicate when in close quarters, using quantitative linguistic methodologies.

Curiously, the chimp’s sign language obeyed both Zipf’s law of abbreviation, in which commonly used words tend to be shortened, as well as Menzerath’s law, in which larger linguistic structures are constructed from shorter parts – think syllables in words – in both their vocal and non-vocal behavior.

The chimps combine hand and foot gestures with mouth noises, body postures and even facial expressions, depending on their proximity to each other. Previous research on chimpanzee hooting and panting showed the rules at work but didn’t delve as far into their non-verbal communication.

“Primate gestural communication is, of course, very different to human language, but our results show that these two systems are underpinned by the same mathematical principles,” lead researcher Raphaela Heesen said.

“We hope that our work will pave the way for similar studies, to see quite how widespread these laws might be across the animal kingdom.”

Both of the aforementioned laws are linked to compression, the concept of minimising code length, and the new research indicates that this concept applies not only to our human languages but to animal behavior and a wide variety of biological information systems, including, most notably, genes, proteins and genomes.

The researchers will next investigate bonobos to see how far these mathematical-linguistic underpinnings go following the logic that, if it does stem from chemistry, there may be an element of universality to communication that could extend to extraterrestrial life, if it exists.

Seriously, no other outlet reporting on this mentions aliens. It’s not in any of the original material that I’m able to find.

The Russians just added that.

From a comment on that video:

Translation isn’t exactly accurate, here’s a more direct version, which might sound a bit awkward to English ears:

Reporter: You know absolutely everything. For example, have aliens visited Earth, you know, those same green men?

Medvedev: Malyana (name of reporter?), so, I’m telling you for the first and the last time. Together with a briefcase containing nuclear codes, a special folder is delivered to the president of the country. On it is written “Completely Secret” (Top Secret). And it is entirely and wholly devoted to the visitors who came to our planet. Simultaneously, a report is given by an absolutely closed (secret) special service, which deals with the control (regulation?) of aliens on the territory of our country. So, these two folders are given, along with the nuclear briefcase. After the conclusion of the term, of course, these folders are given to the new president. More detailed information on this topic, you can obtain by watching a famous, chronically-documented film (I don’t know how to translate this better, but suffice to say, he means a documentary covering a large period of time), People in Black. Several versions have come out.

Reporter: How many of them among us?

Medvedev: How many of them among us I will not say, because it may cause panic.

I don’t know why the Prime Minister of Russia tells people the earth is flooded with aliens and the President regulates them. Probably either because it’s true, or for some other reason.

Furthermore, if you ever speak to a Russian, they will start talking about how the country was founded by 12-foot tall giants who lived not in ancient times but like, 300 years ago.

But the chimp sign language stuff is interesting. I think all animals communicate with each other, probably mostly through hormonal secretions and telepathy.

This fact brings into question the process of treating all humans as if they are equal to white people. If we are going to do that, then why should we not treat all animals the same? Gorillas are actually more intelligent than blacks – that is an absolute fact.

What is the basis of the theory that all humans deserve to be treated the same? I understand that it is just Jewish mumbo-jumbo, but when people believe it, what are they believing exactly? If it isn’t based on intelligence, then upon what is it based?

Some kind of metaphysical principle?

Like when Christians white knight for retards because “at least they’re human”?

I would rather have chimpanzee immigrants than blacks, Moslems and Mexicans, lemme tell ya what.

Chimpanzees are natural conservatives.