Let’s Put Sex-Crazed Middle-Aged Latinas in Charge of the Police – It will be Fine

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 23, 2018

Sgt. Ann Marie Guerra

Brown women have much higher testosterone levels than white women. Particularly as they age, they become sex-mad lunatics.

This makes them perfect candidates to run police forces in formerly white countries.


An NYPD sergeant is under investigation after allegedly stuffing her panties into a detective’s mouth. Tired of his boss literally airing her dirty laundry on the job, he complained, and got a mouthful of thong for his trouble.

Det. Victor Falcon isn’t the only cop to complain about Sgt. Ann Marie Guerra’s public displays of lingerie. Several of his colleagues have “objected to her leaving her panties on the unisex shower knob and outside her locker for all to see,” according to a source quoted in the NY Post.

Brooklyn’s 72nd precinct appears to be a hotbed for the battle between the sexes, with Guerra having taken to social media in the past to cast aspersions on her coworkers’ manhoods. “Sgt. Guerra stated to me that if the girl didn’t call me back, it is because I had a little d—k,” Falcon said in a complaint he filed against his boss with the Equal Employment Opportunity Office.

The full frontal panty assault was merely the straw that broke the camel’s back for Falcon, who additionally accuses Guerra of refusing his shift-change and overtime requests out of spite in the EEO complaint. Other precinct malcontents merely call her a “bullying man-hater.”

Guerra is reportedly fond of over-sharing about her own sex life, regaling Falcon and others with tales of sex toy usage even while “emasculating men and commenting on the size of their anatomy,” according to the source. She remains on duty, free to redecorate the locker room to her heart’s content.

This, my friends, is PROGRESS.

It’s about time women were liberated and able to sexually harass men in the workplace as revenge for colonialism and so on or whatever.