Let’s Destroy John McCain!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 30, 2016

john mccain chi minh traitor

Wow that Anglin – he’s good with a meme, that’s for sure!

I trust all of you all Arizona bros are going out to vote for Kelli Ward today, who I have endorsed.

The fake war hero John McCain – who collaborated with the commie gooks to help America lose the Vietnam war – is almost certainly going to win, but the lower his percentage, the better.

If he wins today, I will shortly be endorsing his Democratic competitor Ann Kirkpatrick, just as I’ve officially endorsed the democrat challenging Paul Ryan, whose name I can’t think of right now.

Washington Post:

After 30 years in the Senate, during which he transformed himself from war hero into political icon, John McCain now finds himself in more jeopardy than at any time during his political career. And for much of that, he can blame Donald Trump.

This reelection campaign, his fifth, is forcing the Arizona Republican to do battle on multiple fronts, testing his political dexterity in ways unlike any of his previous races, including two unsuccessful bids for the presidency.

First he must clear his primary Tuesday, a day after he turns 80, against an arch-conservative whose campaign received a late six-figure boost from a Trump donor. Then, assuming he wins the nomination, he must move into a general election just two months away against a well-funded Democrat, U.S. Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick, whose campaign is wrapping McCain’s support for Trump around the veteran Republican’s neck in a bid to drive up Latino turnout.

McCain insists that he will not alter his high-wire campaign strategy, which basically involves steadfast support for Trump while also reserving the right to regularly criticize the GOP nominee when he does or says something objectionable.

Catch that?

“Steadfast support” equals “non-stop attacks” in the minds of WaPo reporters.


Why did John McCain rush in to join a naked and absurd propaganda effort against Trump by the Democrat-Media coalition? You’d have to ask the Jews.

The only thing John McCain has ever showed steadfast support for is Vietnamese communists and endless wars for the Jews.

But the personal and political antipathy between McCain and Trump has led some experts to suspect that McCain will dump Trump after he secures his party’s nomination Tuesday. The political calculus is that he desperately needs Trump’s voters to win the primary but needs Trump voters and anti-Trump independents to win the general election. McCain says he does not expect to stop supporting Trump before Election Day.

“I have no plans for that,” he said at his campaign headquarters, adding that his position on Trump is “pretty clear,” given how often he has challenged the Republican nominee. “My response to some of the things that Trump does, I don’t hesitate to speak up.”

Like he spoke-up in support of the Sharia law terrorist and mass-Islamic immigration advocate Kaizr Khan, after the Paki was promoted as part of a sick media spectacle attack on Donald Trump.


McCain didn’t apologize for endorsing Khan after it was uncovered that that he said Sharia Law should have dominance over the US Constitution, or after it was revealed his entire life’s work is flooding the country with Moslems.

Is there any foreign enemy of the United States that John McCain will not go to bat for?

McCain’s challenges extend beyond the Trump complications: He is running as a well-established figure with clout and experience in Washington in an era in which anti-establishment views are on the rise. He’s running as a plugged-in senator who will deliver for his state’s parochial interests, particularly on water issues, after years of burnishing his image as a maverick who chastised his Senate colleagues for using taxpayer dollars for political pork to win votes back home.

And he’s running as a staunch military hawk who wants an international force of 100,000 troops, led by 10,000 Americans, fighting Islamic State forces in Syria at a time when the public has grown weary of wars in the Middle East.

As Daily Stormer readers are aware – and which WaPo writers are also probably aware of – McCain is actually arguing for an invasion of Iraq to support ISIS in taking down Assad.


John McCain’s strategy is responsible for the initial creation of ISIS. He ensured “rebels” were armed back in 2012.

He hasn’t been shy about saying this, but the media – even the alleged “liberal media” (it is all just Jew media, which most often is “liberal,” unless it is talking about wars for Israel) – continues to shill for him.

He also openly wants a war with Russia, in part to protect ISIS, in part to protect Jewish Nazis in the Ukraine.


John McCain went early on to the Maidan protests in late 2013 to endorse Jewish Nazis violently overthrowing the elected government. Here he meets with pro-EU Jewish Nazi leaders Vladimir Klitschko and Arseny Yatsenyuk. 

Basically, John McCain wants to do whatever the Jews want John McCain to do.

He is a foreign agent using the resources of America to support an enemy.

The most immediate embodiment of McCain’s problems is Kelli Ward, 47, a former state senator who knows that Trump crushed the field in the March presidential primary by stoking the fires of Arizona’s long-running battles over illegal immigrants crossing the southern border.Ward is McCain’s main primary challenger Tuesday; she has attended Trump rallies and embraced his rhetoric while highlighting McCain’s bipartisan work on immigration bills that would grant undocumented immigrants a path to citizenship.


Though McCain’s most important agenda is sending American boys to die fighting endless wars for the Jews, he also adamantly supports ethnically cleansing the United States.

Of course he does.


McCain “checks his dubs,” that is, another double murder committed by illegal immigrants he flooded America with.

He introduced – with Ted Kennedy – the first mass-amnesty bill in 2005, which had the Orwellian title of “Secure America and Orderly Immigration Act.”

“He’s the champion of compromise,” she said of McCain in an hour-long interview in a Scottsdale campaign office, not intending it as a compliment.

Public and private polling give McCain a big lead over Ward, but this week’s CNN poll showed him with just 55 percent of the likely Republican primary vote. “We’re going to do well, not great, but we’re going to do well,” he told supporters at a rally.

That would leave McCain just nine weeks to try to gain the support of conservatives who opposed him in the primary while appealing to independent and moderate Democrats to try to hold off Kirkpatrick.

I wish that Breitbart and other more mainstream “conservative” outlets would join me in endorsing Kirkpatrick.

It is so important we get rid of this guy.

But we may have a chance of beating him today.

Especially if the Daily Stormer’s large Arizona readership gets out there and votes.


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