Let Us Pretend for a Minute That Leftists Actually Believe What They’re Saying…

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 9, 2019

Space alien, black female genius who can do anything, Jew, homosexual white male, fat white female

Earlier this week I wrote that white leftists do not have actual ideas, and simply push whatever they are told by the establishment is the morally good position.

But let us consider for a moment that they do have a vision for the future, and that they are actually pushing something coherent.

What are they actually talking about doing?

  • Completely abolishing the traditional family while also creating “new families” that are proven to be unstable, thus turning everyone into isolated individuals
  • Training children to engage in various types of “new sex,” which often involve mutilation of their endocrine systems and genitalia
  • Creating a world where everyone is sexually unique, and has sex with all different types of men and women of various ages and with various “gender identities”
  • Shutting down all current industry in the first world in order to stop global warming and replacing it with “green” industry that doesn’t exist now but will theoretically be invented in the future
  • Outlawing all forms of speech, globally, that questions any part of the agenda
  • Provoking Russia into some type of world war to get the last white country on board with the program
  • Allowing the entire population of the third world to flood into first world countries
  • Requiring the white population of these countries to pay for the incoming third world populations and subsidize their breeding
  • Creating a world government
  • White people eventually being replaced completely by a mixed race brown population under the new world government
  • Everyone on earth defining their identity by their consumer habits and sexual behaviors
  • An endless stream of Marvel Comics movies
  • Islam is somehow integrated into all of this
  • The entire universally equal global brown/tranny/Islamic/communist population creates a futuristic society that travels into outer space

Clearly, I understand this better than they do, because I’ve not seen a single one of them come out with a bullet point list like this of their vision. But looking at what they are promoting, there is no other possible explanation for what their vision is.

It is cartoonish, and it is highly abrasive to see adults pushing for this sort of thing.

Part of the problem that right-wingers have in dealing with the left is that this is all so silly. The right tends to be much more intellectual than the left, and we’re looking at the ultimate ends that their policies will lead to while they aren’t even aware of the absurdity of what they are promoting.

So when we say “No, wait, hold on, let’s think for a second about where this will go,” they say, “No, you’re evil! You’re bad! You don’t deserve to be able to speak! You’re a Nazi and we’re gonna punch you!”

There isn’t any room for any kind of discussion about any of this with these people.

I personally don’t care about free healthcare, free college, free whatever. I’m totally willing to negotiate on any of that. But the idea that you can combine that with total global open borders with the entire third world and all of this weird sexual stuff, and then shove Islam into the mix as well, is just fundamentally insane.

These people are all taught “no platform for Nazis” because it is self-evident that they can’t discuss any of this or even begin to explain where their own positions are supposed to lead the world.