Let Me Tell You Why War with Russia is Such a Great Idea

These are the TOP SIX stories on r/WorldNews right now:

As I’ve explained many times, reddit is an absolute barometer for the direction that the media and Democrat elite want the masses of goyim to be going in. I’ve never seen that many Russia stories flooding r/WorldNews, ever.

This is yet another serious sign that we are indeed headed to war.

The first three stories are France, Britain and Czech getting on-board with the Joe Biden narrative.

What did Russia do, exactly? All of a sudden, all of this anti-Russia stuff is just appearing out of nowhere. This is happening at the same time that the media actually admitted that the last big Russian hoax – “putting bounties on random US soldiers in Afghanistan” – was admitted to be a total hoax.

So what did Russia do, in the last month or so? Nothing. You have the ongoing situation with Alexi Navalny, but that is something that has been ongoing and is pretty much over. If he’s starving himself in prison – well, it sounds like he needs a tube. It’s a pretty easy problem to solve.

Here’s the actual truth: they are preparing for Russia to do something.

That is to say: they are building up tensions, with the plan of staging some kind of false flag attack by the Russians in order to justify the tensions and probably initiate open war. I would say we can be relatively certain that this is coming. There is no other explanation for the totally out of control, nonstop hype – and now the Brits sending a battleship!