Lesbos Fire: Migrants Burned the Bitch Down Because They Were Mad About Coronavirus Measures

Wait wait wait wait wait.

A person can start a fire?

I thought the only thing that could start a fire was global warming?

I specifically remember being told that science says that only global warming can start a fire.


Greek police have detained six migrants over a fire that razed the Moria refugee camp to the ground, the government said on Tuesday, as thousands of displaced people refused to move to a new facility and demanded to leave Lesbos island.

More than 12,000 people, mostly refugees from Afghanistan, Africa and Syria, were left without shelter, proper sanitation or access to food and water after a fire tore through the overcrowded Moria migrant camp last Wednesday.

Greek authorities believe the fire was deliberately lit by camp occupants after quarantine measures were imposed following the discovery of COVID cases on the site, but the incident has put the migrant issue firmly back on the European agenda.

Sounds like it was a big success then.

I would have never thought that you could light a fire for a political agenda.

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis repeated a call for more help from the European Union, which has struggled to find a unified approach to the migrant crisis at its borders, saying it was time for “tangible solidarity” from Europe.

European Council President Charles Michel who visited Lesbos said the challenge was European not just Greek and urged for more commitment by EU members for a new migration policy to be effective.

“This is difficult, a very complex situation, but on behalf of the European Union, I would want to say that I refuse to paper over this migration challenge. This is a common European challenge,” Michel said.

Government officials in Berlin said Germany could take in up to 1,500 people stranded by the fire, in addition to 100-150 Berlin has already agreed to take in. But a wider solution has remained elusive.

Mitsotakis said a permanent new reception facility would be built on Lesbos with EU support and that the notoriously overcrowded and squalid Moria camp “belongs to the past”.

On the ground in Lesbos, however, thousands, including children, were still sleeping rough a week after the blaze.

It’s so sad.

So, so sad.

These people traveled all the way from Pakistan and Afghanistan, seeking refuge from the brutal civil war in Syria, and Europeans won’t even given them a free house, money and a car.

I just read a story on Al-Jazeera about a woman who fled the Syrian civil war in Afghanistan, then got pregnant in the Lesbos camp, then:

Can you imagine how sad she is?

Whites won’t do anything for her, and the food she gets in the camp isn’t even good.

No wonder so many brown people think that whites should be wiped out.