Lesbian “Co-Existence” Group Tears Down Greek Cross to Protect Invaders’ Hurt Feelings

Luis Castillo
Daily Stormer
October 13, 2018

After surviving the ravages of the violent, global-warming-addled waters of the Mediterranean which swallowed many of their bruthas and baby mommas, starving African American children fleeing the brutal Syrian civil war in Bangladesh were washing up on the shores of Lesbos, birthplace of the Lesbians, only to be greeted by a shocking and hateful display of white supremacy and Hate.

Several anonymous sources told the Daily Stormer that the hate symbol, a Christian cross, had been placed on the shores of the island by Lesbian Supremacists to “thank Jesus that niggers can’t swim.”

The hate symbol was reportedly made of concrete, so that it could be doused in petrol and lit on fire every night, to illuminate the night coast as a beacon of racism and Hate.

Fortunately, a Jewish freedom fighter organization stepped in, and defended everybody’s right to peacefully coexist, by tearing down the symbols of the original and majority group.

Greek City Times:

A huge cement Christian cross, which was built on the rocky shore of Apelli, under the castle of Mytilene in Lesvos, in honour of the people that have died swimming there has been pulled down as a co-existence group based on the island claimed it was offensive to migrants who are not Christian.

According to Lesvos News, the placement of the cross caused negative reactions from aid organisations and a letter was sent to the Harbour Minister of Lesvos and the Mayor of Lesvos, by a coexistence group in Lesvos, stating the Cross was placed there to prevent migrants from swimming.

“A few days ago they placed at Apeli of Mytilene a large cross, in order to prevent other people (refugees and migrants) from coming to swim. This act is illegal, unsightly (reminiscent of a grave) but mostly offensive to the symbol of Christianity, a symbol of love and sacrifice, not racism and intolerance.”

Thank Science that these brave coexisters managed to tear down this cross, which was clearly offensive to the symbol of Christianity.

“Please we ask for you to get rid of this inappropriateness of a religious symbol in a swimming site and its conversion into a tool of aspiring crusaders.”

Anonymous sources told the Daily Stormer that the person who put up the hate symbol matched this artist-rendered description:

In an exclusive interview, he adamantly denied that he was planning a Final Crusade, with the goal of exterminating the lesser races from Terra and establishing a planetary Fourth Reich.

A few days after this, the cross was taken down overnight.

In order to celebrate co-existence, an associate from the Greek Daily Stormer was sent to Constantinople to tear down a minaret, which was reasoned to be offensive both to non-Moslems in the holy city, and to the symbol of Islam itself.

The last message we received from our correspondent involved some funny letters in some alphabet which looked like Russian, and also pretty gay. Upon feeding them through Google Translate, we determined that the message was either a recipe for gyros, or a critique of the recent schism between the Russian and Ukranian Orthodox churches.

The recipe did not appear to be paleo.

The message also contained a knife emoji. As of press time, it was assumed that our correspondent had been dismembered by Saudi Arabian security forces.