lel: Tucker Carlson on Gavin McInnes Show [UPDATE: Old Interview, Actually]

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 5, 2017

UPDATE: This is actually old. I wondered why it was the old “Free Speech” set. The uploader of this copy put the wrong date on it. It’s from about a year ago. I thought he was maybe bringing that back. That’s why it’s a good interview. It’s before he teamed up with the Jew Ezra Levant and started doing things like sticking dildos up his ass on TV. I don’t think Tucker would go on there now, after the dildo thing.

As the reader is aware, I’m a huge fan of Tucker Carlson. Not so much of Gavin McInnes, especially after he accused me three times – three times in a row – of being a secret agent.

However – great interview.

Gotta say.

It’s Tucker that’s great. But McInnes – gotta give it to him – he created an environment to make Tucker interesting.

Speaking of McInnes… I dunno what he’s got going on. He’s a complete drunk. I’m not sure he couldn’t be useful, but he isn’t really now. I mean, maybe he could hire some kind of team to revamp his image, stop calling me a fed and get his life sort of on track.

Probably not though.

But hey – he did something good with this interview. Maybe he’ll do something good again before he dies of liver disease.