Canada: Legendary Shitlord James Sears Prosecuted for Hurting the Feelings of Useless Whores and Hooknosed Kikes

Benjamin Garland
Daily Stormer
November 19, 2017

Jews, women and liberals have no sense of humor. They consider the brilliant satire above “hate speech” smdh.

Dr. James Sears has been providing mega lulz and rustling many jimmies up in Canuckistan, for quite some time now.

I first interviewed and wrote about him in April of 2016 after he went on Canadian television to make fun of the Jew Holohoax and explain that Hitler and Jesus are his idols.

Two months later I again reported on his activities when his newspaper Your Ward News, which was being delivered to 305,000 Canadian households monthly, got banned from the postal services.

The bizarre complaint that got it banned, which was filed by a wretched old hag named Judy “Stink Foot” Foote (@judy_foote), offers no specific evidence of lawbreaking in Your Ward News, but instead seems to vaguely claim every word of every issue going back to 2015 is all “hate speech.”

Everyone who was ever written about in the paper is listed as a victim of libel, including elite billionaires George Soros and Evelyn de Rothschild!


Check it out.

Are they going to fly in Soros and Rothschild to testify against him??

Imagine this gross creature having dictatorial power over the postal services of your country. Yikes.

Fortunately, Sears has amassed an army of dozens of pissed off Canadian patriots who have volunteered to help hand deliver the paper. Between them and a few private companies, all 305,000 copies are still delivered as they come out (now quarterly).

Sears is very well-versed in Canada’s draconian speech laws, and as such is a master of causing maximum butthurt to the enemies of Canada without actually breaking any of them.

This is very frustrating to the Satanic kikes and Cultural Marxists who are trying to exterminate the Canadian people by forcing feminism, faggotry and hordes of third world savages down their throats.

Their solution: just make up the laws as they go along and charge him anyway!

CBC Toronto:

The editor and publisher of Toronto-based newspaper Your Ward News have been charged with the wilful promotion of hatred against women and Jews, according to Toronto police.

Editor James Sears, [54], and publisher Leroy St. Germaine, 76, were arrested Wednesday morning.

It’s the first time in Ontario’s history a charge has been laid alleging the wilful promotion of hatred against women, according to office of the attorney general.

Actually it’s the first time not just in Ontario, but in all of Canada, that someone has been charged for “promotion of hatred” against women.

Probably in the history of the world, it’s the first time this has happened. I’m certainly unaware of any other time it has happened. Honestly, it’s hard to even comprehend that this has happened, but it is something that has definitely actually happened.

I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised.

This video gives a good summary of the case:

The article continues:

Described by critics in the past as “racist” and a “hate rag,” the newspaper, which publishes once a season, bills itself as the “world’s largest anti-marxist publication.”

Past issues have included images portraying Jews as dogs and glorifying Hitler, as well as liberal use of the n-word and other slurs.

Now this is just pure slander, made up out of whole cloth in order to defame the good character of Dr. Sears.

It’s well known that Sears is an animal lover just like his idol, Adolf Hitler.

No way would he ever insult dogs like that.

Warren Kinsella (@kinsellawarren), the good goy in the above video bragging about how progressive it is to charge someone with “hate speech” against women as an “identifiable group,” seems to have made it his life’s work to bring cucking to levels previously thought impossible.

He was in a punk band named the Hot Nasties in his early years, named after a porno movie. Later, he wrote an anti-White book called Web of Hate, thoroughly ingratiating himself with Canada’s evil Jewish overlords.

Kinsella seems to be the only presumably white man in the crusade against Dr. Sears and Your Ward News. All Jews and Jewish groups hate Your Ward News. The premier of Ontario, a dyke feminist named Kathleen Wynne (@Kathleen_Wynne), is triggered by the very sight of it. Her attorney general, Moslem streetshitter Yasir Naqvi (@Yasir_Naqvi), has issued a fatwa against it in the name of Almighty Allah.

Non-perverted white Canadians, on the other hand, find the newspaper absolutely hilarious. It’s unclear what happened in the case of Kinsella to make him so self-loathing. Perhaps he was abused as a child, has a small penis, or wants to have sex with his own mother.

Along with his wife Lisa (@lisakinsella), he founded the anti-free speech organization STAMP (Standing Together Against Mailing Prejudice), which is one of the main groups attempting to get Your Ward News shut down.

Warren Kinsella collecting his paycheck.

The Kinsellas have also accused Sears of “advocating violence” against them by deliberately taking a quote in the Summer 2017 issue of Your Ward News out of context.

In June 2016, a federal order prohibited Your Ward News from being sent in the mail — a move not taken since 1981, when a publishing company owned by Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel was banned from using Canada Post.

A hearing into that order which began in April 2017 is still ongoing, according to Standing Together Against Mailing Prejudice (STAMP,) who issued a celebratory press release on Wednesday after receiving news of the charges.

Lisa and Warren Kinsella, two founding members of STAMP who have campaigned against the publication, have also brought private prosecution against Sears and St. Germaine for uttering death threats aimed at them.

That prosecution stems from the summer 2017 issue, in which Sears wrote about the “chance that some hothead who cares deeply about me… would lose it and do something illegal like bludgeon the Kinsella’s to death.”

The actual context of this quote is found here on page 7.

Here is a video about this alleged death threat. Notice the teary-eyed, puppy dog cuck-face Kinsella puts on @0:56.

Absolutely sickening.

“In this country, in this time, hate will not go unopposed,” Lisa Kinsella wrote in Wednesday’s release.

News of the charges were also a relief to Avi Benlolo, president and CEO of the Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Centre, a Jewish community foundation.

“We’re thrilled. We believe that this so-called newspaper should no longer be delivered. It’s 2017. It’s creating a lot of hate and divisiveness in our community,” he told CBC Toronto.

Therein lies Canada’s biggest mistake: pretending the opinions of Jews and women actually matter.

Everyone knows both Jews and women are only good for one thing, and both those things involve ovens.

Ok, I lied. Women are good for two things.

Jews only one.

Though unable to be reached for comment, as these cases are ongoing, Dr. Sears seems confident that he will come out on top.

In the most recent issue, Sears wrote in his letter from the editor that he planned to “commence the next phase of his Marxist parasite expulsion” by finding a clubhouse for his Hitler fan club and restarting “Toronto Real Men meetings, where I teach men seduction skills and masculinity.”

In an email statement to CBC Toronto, Sears wrote that both he and St. Germaine “expect to easily beat these politically motivated charges.”

“Part of our defence will be a constitutional challenge against the hate speech law, as it violates our right to free expression,” the statement reads.

Police wrote in a release that they received “numerous complaints” about the publication beginning in 2015.

“Right to free expression” is a white European concept that is completely alien to kikes, nonwhites, and the SJWs and cucks who serve them.

Your Ward News headquarters has been repeatedly vandalized by these subhumans, in an attempt to silence their free speech.

Here are some photos of just the most recent vandalizations:

The storefront is boarded up because it repeatedly had bricks thrown through it.

As is typical of leftist terrorist scum, they’ve even threatened his wife on multiple occasions.

Recently, this flyer was found on the windshield of her car:


Here’s a news clip about the Jewish hate campaign of spreading the above flyers all around Canada for the purpose of harassing Dr. Sears and his perfectly legitimate business:

As of right now, the Good Doctor is fighting legal battles on as many as five different fronts:

  • Criminal charges for promoting hate against Jews and women
  • Criminal charges for alleged threats against the Kinsellas
  • A libel suit launched by Lisa Kinsella
  • A civil action to overturn the Canada Post ban by the federal govt
  • Criminal assault charge by catlady assaulter-turned-victim Tina Ardell Morrison aka “High Park Harpy” (see here p. 8-9)

Undeterred, as always, he fights on.

We will try and report on any future developments of these important cases as they happen.

Meanwhile, everyone is encouraged to download and spread around all of the back issues of Your Ward News, and mirror them and the site everywhere possible. Samizdat style if necessary.

It’s possible that the site may be shut down within a few days – a situation that Daily Stormer readers should be very familiar with – so this needs to be done ASAP.

It’s important that we keep free speech alive, and Your Ward News in on the frontline fighting for it in Canada.

Hail Victory!