Legendary Journalist Seymour Hersh Confirms Seth Rich was the DNC Leaker

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
August 2, 2017

Wikileaks has released audio of Seymour Hersh confirming what we all suspected about Seth Rich. The man was clearly murdered in a targeted hit.

It seems that Seymour (who is a liberal and a Jew) has been doing some snooping of his own. And you’ll want to listen to that audio all the way through for his take on the situation. But the executive summary: Seth Rich did, in fact, contact Wikileaks.

To those who are new to the Seth Rich debacle, here’s a quick TL;DR. Someone in the DNC ordered a hit on Seth Rich, a disgruntled Bernie Sanders supporter who leaked internal DNC emails to Wikileaks as revenge for his preferred candidate getting cheated out of the primaries.

The Seth Rich drama’s last episode had an unsatisfying conclusion to the Kim Dotcom arc.

From Kim Dotcom’s site.

Kim Dotcom is a fat hackerman who lives in New Zealand to hide from the Feds who want to put him in the slammer for running megaupload.com.

Kim claimed that he was the go-between for Seth and Wikileaks. See, you don’t just mail a USB stick to the Ecuadorian embassy if you want to leak something to Wikileaks. You need a go-between with a lot of bandwidth, technical know-how, and excellent encryption. Kim seemed to have all those things going for him, plus a motive to stick it to the Feds.

But nothing came out of the Kim affair. He just stopped talking about it.

The Hersh tape is the latest development in the Seth Rich murder, and proof that serious investigative journalists clearly see that there is a trail of crumbs leading from Wikileaks all the way back to the DNC.

This arc is running concurrently with the story arc of the private investigator working for Rich’s family filing a lawsuit alleging a Donald Trump/Fox News conspiracy to hoax the Seth Rich conspiracy theory, which has again put the name “Seth Rich” in headlines, the MSM using it as an anti-Trump talking point.

Also, daily reminder that Assange knows about the heebs:

We now have some new revelations from Hersh’s account. Apparently Seth Rich wanted money for the emails from Wikileaks. He made a Dropbox account and sat on the info for too long. He also told people about the Dropbox as a sort of insurance policy. But as we know now, that clearly didn’t pan out…

Lads, strap in. Seymour Hersh is the guy who broke the story about the My Lai Massacre and countless other muckraking pieces. He’s the best of the best in the trade. If he’s on the trail, that means there’s clearly some there there to this story.

I am going to put my feet up and see if this muckraking bloodhound journalist Jew hits pay dirt.