Legendary 33-Year-Old Argentine Soccer Player to Retire Due to Mysterious Heart Problem!

Oh, that experimental gene therapy treatment isn’t working out? Poor baby!

People always say “there’s no good news.”

Well, from where I’m sitting, everything bad that happens to the tainted is good news.

I want to see the vaxed suffer and die. The fact that they were willing to cooperate with this system is what brought hell down on us all.

Every single faggot and woman who took this vax deserves death and much worse, regardless of their reasons for taking it, and I celebrate their doom.


Legendary goalscorer Sergio Aguero is on the verge of announcing his shock retirement from football because of the heart problem that forced him off during a Barcelona game earlier this month, according to a well-placed source.

Argentina icon Aguero, who only joined Barca from Manchester City in the summer, was forced off in the first half of the Spanish giants’ 1-1 draw at home to Alaves on November 2.

The veteran hitman was rushed to hospital with chest pains after struggling to breathe and had been expected to be out for around three months following evaluations.

Aguero will now retire from the game, according to Catalunya Radio, with Barcelona oracle Reshad Rahman claiming that the news will be officially confirmed within a week.

The five-time title winner with City is synonymous with the club’s rise to become the team to beat in England, not least because of his last-gasp goal at the City of Manchester Stadium with which they sealed league glory in 2012.

Human beings do not live in a vacuum. We live in a society.

So when all of these cowards took this vax, either because they are part of the lunatic fringe who believes there’s a virus on the loose so deadly that it justifies taking an experimental gene therapy drug with extreme unknown side effects, or much more likely, because they decided it would be easier to just go along with the program – they did something that affects all of us. By cooperating with this satanic agenda, they put pressure on all of us. If so many people wouldn’t have submitted, the government would not have grounds to be bullying we purebloods.

There are no good deals with the devil. Everyone knew there was something off about this vaccine. Everyone knew something strange was happening. They made a decision.

It was a very bad decision and it was a decision that they cannot take back. I am very happy to see them suffering the consequences.

The heart problems are just the beginning.

These people have brought hell into their bodies.

Simply not having sympathy is not enough for me – I am celebrating their doom, and waiting for the new world to come.

A world of the pureblooded.

As far as the thing with the media continuing to pretend like all of these athletes having heart problems is a coincidence – I’ve written enough about that and I really can’t write any more about it. It is just too dumb.

At this point, every anti-vaxer is pointing at these events, and everyone who isn’t an anti-vaxer is already vaxed. The already vaxed have a reason to believe that it’s all a coincidence, because none of these cowards want to admit what they’ve done. They can’t take it back out again, so they don’t have any reason to admit that they’ve destroyed their bodies and signed on to a lifetime subscription of strange poison.