Legalizing Rape Will Provide True Empowerment and Freedom for Womyn

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
October 8, 2018

Insane feminists are claiming that any womyn who cries rape must be believed simply because they are a womyn. This mindset has become a very real societal problem that needs to be fixed. Fortunately, there is a solution that mutually benefits both sexes!

Over the past several weeks, newly confirmed Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh was the target of hatred from an unhinged mob of feminists and independent womyn. His nomination to the highest court was nearly derailed and his life almost destroyed because of hoax sexual assault allegations dating back to the early 1980s. In the minds of these womyn, he was guilty because womyn must be believed no matter what.

Kavanaugh was the victim of what can be described as malignant feminism. It is a phenomenon that has been encouraged by Jews as a deliberate attack on White men. It has nothing to do with empowering womyn. These kikes through their control of the media and entertainment industries have promoted this destructive ideology to weaponize a significant percentage of our womyn against us.

Ironically, this radical variant of feminism has backfired on them with the #MeToo movement. It has brought down a number of high profile Jews in the world of politics, media and entertainment. The Jews Harvey Weinstein, Matt Lauer and Al Franken are just a few that come to mind. Like a double-edged sword, it has transformed into something that they’ve lost control over.

What’s fascinating about these feminists who vocally oppose sexual assault and rape, is that they support political policies that objectively increase rape. Everywhere around the West, feminists support political parties that are leftist or Marxist in nature. These are parties that endorse open borders and embrace immigration policies that allow low IQ savages from the third world to infest their lands. These savages are dozen – if not hundreds – of times more likely to commit sexual assault or rape than the average White man. The events that we have seen play out in countries like Germany and Sweden are proof of this. Sexual assault and rape have dramatically increased after their nations were flooded with large numbers of uncivilized brown and black monkey people.

So this begs the obvious question. If these womyn are so dead set against sexual assault and rape, why do they join political parties that want their nation flooded with animals who are more likely to rape them? Common sense would dictate that they would want strong border security and tighter immigration laws so they are less likely to be raped.

The logical conclusion to this is that they secretly desire to be raped. Not only is being raped sexually fulfilling for many womyn, but in our existing societal order, womyn who are raped are showered with additional attention. So in essence, these womyn want to fulfill their rape fantasies while simultaneously having access to extra attention that this “victim” status provides them.

This is not a far-fetched concept. If it was, the Fifty Shades of Grey series of books and movies would not have raked in huge amounts of cash from womyn. The original book sold over 125 million copies as of 2015.

The plot focuses around a young billionaire named Christian Grey who seduces and sexually dominates a young womyn with bondage and various forms of sadomasochism. This is appealing to womyn because getting tied up and beaten, while a highly degenerate and bizarre act, is simulating rape.

It’s also why in Europe, operators of brothel houses have no trouble finding young sluts to fill them. Contrary to popular belief, many of the whores who work in these places enjoy getting paid to have sex with strange men. They are not “victims” as some would like us to believe. They willfully choose to do this. And while not explicitly rape per say, it provides them easy access to men who will sexually dominate them as far as they’re willing.

It’s another fact that many womyn will deliberately put themselves in situations that exponentially increase the chance of them being raped. This is why womyn willingly go to parties and clubs to be around men who are consuming lots of alcohol and drugs. It is also why we see many of them taking solo trips to strange third world countries. They do these things because of their secret sexual fantasy of being raped.

But the fact that womyn are rewarded with attention for being a “victim” of sexual assault or rape is becoming a major problem. We now have a situation where the definition of rape has expanded to the point where womyn who weren’t actually raped are falsely claiming to have been raped, and are qualified as “survivors” even when it’s proven to be a lie. There’s also the phenomenon of consensual sexual encounters turning into rape accusations. This stems from womyn who regret their earlier whorish behavior and who also desire the attention that comes from the rape claim.

At this point, it is an objective fact that our society would function better if rape were legalized. The concept of rape being a crime originally centered around this idea that a man’s property was being defiled. But since we’ve wrongly embraced this idea that womyn should have personal autonomy, there is less of a need for laws prohibiting rape. In fact, these laws have become counterproductive because it has empowered a womyn to ruin a man’s life through false rape accusations. And it’s not like the third world savages who are doing actual rapes are being properly held to account for their crimes under the existing system.

It is an objective fact that womyn are sick sexual perverts who have rape fantasies. Based on that alone, womyn will not be able to have true freedom unless anti-rape laws are abolished as these laws prohibit them from fulfilling their most deeply held sexual desires.

The only way laws against rape make sense is if womyn are considered the property of men by the state. Since this idea has been abandoned, it makes anti-rape laws unnecessary and outdated.

So legalizing rape solves two societal problems that we are currently dealing with:

  1. Empowered womyn will be able to more easily have their rape fantasies fulfilled
  2. Men will no longer have to worry about false rape accusations from womyn

It’s win-win.

Unless society decides to reject Jewish feminism and restore womyn as the rightful property of men, legalizing rape would be a definite benefit to both sexes.

The good news is that with Justice Kavanaugh now on the United States Supreme Court, it is my understanding that rape will soon be legalized throughout the United States of America.