Legalized Murder: Maryland Black Who Murdered White Man on Video Gets Probation

A popular black activity is to go out into the public space and punch white people in the face, then jump around like monkeys, howling. It’s part of their vibrant cultural heritage.

In the instance of this behavior in the above video, the man died. But it’s no big deal. He was white. And as we know: only one kind of lives matter, and it definitely is not white lives.

National File:

The teenager responsible for the death of a man at a Maryland Fair has been sentenced to probation and an anger management course after delivering a fatal blow to a local man after a verbal argument over a dollar.

A 16-year-old pleaded guilty to the brutal assault at the Great Frederick Fair where a group of teenagers surrounded 59-year-old John Weed demanding a dollar. When Weed failed to comply, the group punched him in the head repeatedly, with the 16-year-old in question landing the fatal blow.

After Weed fell to the ground unresponsive, the group of teens spat at the victim before dancing around his unconscious body, hollering excitedly. Weed died the next day in hospital after never regaining consciousness.

Police were called to the scene around 5:30 pm on September 20 last year after dozens of witnesses saw the unprovoked assault culminate in the death of the Mount Airy resident.

National File previously reported on the initial incident where “Frederick County State’s Attorney Charlie Smith claims the attack was not a hate crime, against police recommendations.”

“We see no facts in this particular case that would lead anyone to believe there was an intent to kill, an intent to murder the victim,” Smith said, adding that he would be recommending manslaughter charges instead of first–or even second-degree murder.

Smith also denied that the attack was a hate crime: “Right now, what we know, it was over a dollar bill, it was not over race.”

“This was over him asking him for a dollar bill. Now, obviously there was some degree of dialogue that occurred after that and it was negative dialogue, who said what? We don’t know at this point in time. The sheriff is still asking for people to come forward. This was not about the knockout game…this was all over kids asking for a dollar and there was something that broke bad after that,” Smith said.

The teen’s attorney Stacey Steinmetz and Judge Julie Stevenson Solt both agreed to make the case closed to the public, given the teenager’s past contained details too sensitive to be publicized.

(Both of those women have potentially Jewish names – just in case anyone’s keeping score on that front.)

The pair also agreed to drop a second assault charge handed to the teenager after a plea agreement was reached, reported Frederick News Post.

Judge Solt then demanded for the unnamed 16-year-old to complete an anger management course, among other commitments, and to be placed on probation.

A follow-up deposition has been scheduled later this year to ascertain whether the teenager has complied with his probation agreement.

Prosecutors had initially pushed for the teens responsible to be tried as adults and for the case to be moved to an adult court, but the court denied the motions.

We’ve been focusing a lot on Cannon Hinnant, the 5-year-old white boy who was shot in the head by a black man for no reason. It’s being contrasted to George Floyd. It is a particularly outrageous black-on-white killing. It’s relatively rare for blacks to kill white children, but it does happen a few times a year.

In 2013, they shot a 13-month-old white baby in the face.

That story is going around again now, and Snopes has a page up about it, explaining to the goyim that the teenagers didn’t kill the baby because he was white, and this was actually “an attempted robbery.”

Just so we’re all on the same page here: there remains ZERO evidence that the arrest of George Floyd was in any way racially motivated. We’ve seen the video now, and it shows a very large man who had just committed a felony out of his mind on drugs resisting arrest with mad vigor. This guy was screaming “ouchie ouchie” and “mommy please,” saying he couldn’t breathe in the back seat of a cruiser.

The entire basis of the claim that race was a factor in the arrest of George Floyd is that the officer was white and he was black. But here’s the thing: Derek Chauvin, the arresting officer, did not choose George Floyd. He was a police officer who was called because someone had committed a felony in the form of trafficking in counterfeit currency. Conversely, the black man who shot Cannon, and the “teenagers” that shot the baby in the face in 2013, chose their targets.

While these murders of white children are particularly outrageous, we need to remember that blacks kill white people all the time. They do it every day. The older people who are killed have lives that matter too.

It is absolutely incredible to give someone probation for a random murder. But this is where we are at now. Judges are going to rule on murder cases in a political way, and we are facing down de facto legalized murder of white people.

Judge Julie Stevenson Solt

We know that they plan to remove the police so that black people can act with impunity. When they march into our neighborhoods and start the killing, the cops will not make any arrests.

I do have to admit however that even I am a little bit taken aback by murder being outright legalized this early in the game. I expected this sort of thing to be rolled out after the election. Instead, it’s just being quietly introduced in Maryland, while the media fails to report on it.

RIP – John Marvin Weed