Legal Travelers to the US Must be Vaxed, While Illegals Do Not Need Deadly Injection

Meanwhile, at Walgreens…

As bodies continue to pile up in the streets, we’ve got a brand new policy to help to fight the deadly coronavirus.

Motley Fool:

The Biden administration recently announced that entry rules for international travelers are changing. In their place will be a requirement that all foreign nationals are fully vaccinated to enter the United States. Unvaccinated U.S. citizens can still enter the country, but they’ll have stricter entry requirements.

This apparently only applies to European and Asian people coming in for business or tourism.

The Bidens have been explicit about the fact that illegal Mexicans and Haitians and whoever the hell else who are flooding across the southern border do not require vaccines to enter the country.

It was actually shocking when Jen Psaki dropped a duce on Peter Doocy.

When she said “that’s correct” I was like “wow this bitch is on fire NBA Jam style.”

Here’s a followup on the same thing, ten days after that clip. She said that unlike European tourists/businessmen, the masses of third worlders flooding the country to live on welfare “don’t intend to stay here.”

That was actually a whole other weird thing, since the Bidens have said explicitly that they want to replace the white population permanently. This is not some kind of temporary racial replacement. So claiming that these brown people literally flooding in to live on welfare don’t intend to stay here is just confusing.

Also, I mean… how long does it take to spread a virus?

You have to show proof of vax to enter a restaurant in many US cities now, and I don’t intend to stay at a restaurant that I go to for dinner. Like, I’m not even going to sleep there one night. I will probably only be there for maybe 90 minutes.

If these Haitians are only planning to stay until their country stops being poor, I think they’ll be here longer than 90 minutes.




Anyway, it is 100% confirmed that illegals don’t have to take the vax.

Furthermore, many of them are outright refusing it. The reports are 30%, though I suspect it’s much higher. There is not nearly the same amount of censorship in Spanish as there is in English, so these people are allowed to spread hate facts about the vax more freely.

I think in the near future, you’re going to see an actual government policy that “people of color” are exempt from mandates, which will only be enforced against whites.

Then, by their own logic, that would mean they are racists who are only forcing whites to save their lives from a deadly virus. But no logic matters, and trying to logically dissect what these people are saying is even more insane than them saying it in the first place.

They will say that blacks have a legitimate fear of being force vaxed because the government did experiments on them, whereas whites are only avoiding the vax because they want to kill people who did take the vax by remaining unvaxed.

In fact, we’ve all been experimented on with deadly chemicals and diseases by the US government. Here’s a list of examples. Yes, nonwhites have probably been tested on more than whites, but we’re splitting hairs here. Also, the US government claims that it is the ultimate source of universal morality and cannot ever be questioned, so even allowing the blacks to suggest that the vax is an experiment is some kind of serious crime against democracy.

But the fact is: more blacks than whites, per capita, are resisting the vax. Lord Fauci is pretty much saying that we have to begin forcing people to take it with measures even more extreme than the last Biden mandate. But it is impossible for the government to force vax the blax.

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So they’re in a pickle, and I think that “equity” principles are going to have to be applied to forced vaccination. Because that is basically already happening with the difference between the requirements for legal and illegal entry.

They could easily set up hardcore forced vax centers at the border for these illegals, and they’re not doing that. The only possible reason I would think they’re not doing that is that more than 30% are refusing, and that a lot of them would rather just stay in Mexico than take the deadly vax. It’s really important to the Bidens to bring in as many brown people as possible, so they’re just letting them slide on the vax issue.