Leftists Wonder Why People Prefer Dank Memes While Forgetting About How Terrible Politically Correct Humor Is

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
February 24, 2018

Women, Blacks, and Jews are not funny. Political correctness is also not funny.

It is not surprising then that when the mainstream of all media is one of these groups being politically correct, people do not like it and seek alternatives.

The Alt-Right is both right and funny, and that is why we grow.

[Editor’s Note: Actually, black people are funny when they’re doing that shuck and jive bit they do (Chris Rock and Dave Chappell did it well). Mike Enoch has postulated that this is an evolutionary strategy that American blacks developed in order to endear themselves to whites. It is definitely true that it is exclusive to American blacks – Africans do not do it. And it is definitely true that it appears to be a performance for white people, which white people naturally find pleasing. I remember being a teenager being around blacks for the first time – in a relatively safe situation – and thinking that that bit was the funniest thing I’d ever seen in my life. However, this bit has effectively been outlawed as politically incorrect, and furthermore, blacks now believe they are too good to do it. Dave Chappell literally gave an explanation about why he thought his comedy was degrading to his race and stopped doing it. -AA]