Leftists Set Up – And Then Shut Down – Website Listing the Addresses of Trump Supporters!

Leftists set up a website listing all of the home addresses of everyone who donated to Donald Trump, the Daily Stormer can reveal. The website, DonaldTrump.Watch, was available until earlier this week, at which point it was closed, and now forwards to a different website that allows users to search for the addresses of anyone who donated to anyone.

This is what DonaldTrump.Watch looked like:

The site featured an interactive map that allowed users to easily search for the addresses of Trump donors, who it identified as “racists.” It featured the names and amount donated.

The site featured accurate information, based on several searches by the Daily Stormer. It said clearly that the data was compiled from FEC records. The FEC keeps track of all political donations, and this information is publicly available.

Several archives of the site remain available at archive.is.

Clearly, the purpose of the database was to allow violent leftists to find the addresses of Trump supporters, so they could go to their houses and kill them.

The site’s whois registry used a privacy service, hiding who owned and operated the site.

As of Thursday, 29 October, DonaldTrump.Watch forwards to Donor.Watch, which is the same website, with the same functionality, but allows users to search not only for Trump donors, but for all political donors.

¬†However, you can still search explicitly for Trump donors, and pull up maps of where they live. Clearly, they received some legal advice saying that if they were calling all Trump supporters “racists,” while also providing their home addresses, they could put themselves in a legal bind if people started going to these homes and committing murders.

Of course: the site can still be used for the exact same purpose, but now they have plausible deniability as to what their agenda is.

Frankly, this site itself is not important. What is important is the idea behind it, and the sentiment that led to its creation: leftists are planning to go to the homes of Trump supporters and murder them as revenge.

As we’ve documented on the Daily Stormer, there is a major push for the “defunding” and ultimate abolishing of the police. The lawlessness created by the abolishing of police will allow for the industrial scale murder of white Trump supporters. Due to the existence of the DonaldTrump.Watch website, we now know that leftists are planning on using FEC data to hunt us down and kill us.