Leftist Women Join Alt-Right in Laughing at Cuckbois

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
March 13, 2017

Cuckboi is a term women have coined to attack their male feminist supporters, who they view as weak and pathetic. It’s a portmanteau of “cuckold” and “fuckboi.”

These poor limp bastards can’t catch a break from these vicious cunts, but like good cucks, they just pretend to be asleep as tears steam down their faces. Apparently, some cuckbois had no clue that the leftist women they march with despise them and don’t consider them real men. These men literally believe college-aged women making sounds with their mouths about pseudo-intellectual non-sense like “toxic masculinity” and “patriarchy” should be taken seriously, and those women are now howling in laughter at them.

Artistic Rendition of a Cuckboi (Courtesy of Chapo Trap House, 2016)

On social media, Cuckbois are being decimated from both the left and the right, with women even tagging cuckbois in their lives to publicly humiliate them on social media.

The term has even crossed the Atlantic, with the British Judeo-Left hipster rag The Tab expanding on Alana Levinson’s original term to include even more types of Leftists. It seems this word is a means for them to get out a lot of built-up hatred in Leftist women for these men who aren’t men.

Some Leftist men are taking up the term for themselves “ironically,” but this is clearly a really lame coping mechanism for that minority of wimpy heterosexual white men still in that cause. What separates a man from a male feminist is knowledge (including carnal knowledge) of women, and the will to defy the herd to stand up like a man for the truth.

The fact that these slugs are getting occasional pity-sex from these gross hirsute women doesn’t mean they aren’t closing their eyes and thinking about this guy launching a Blitzkrieg mit dem fleischgewehr:

Here are some additions of mine to the Cuckboi list.

  • When cuckboi hands you his Sartre books, he blushes when the cliffnotes fall out.
  • When Jamal comes over asking for “dat white ass” as reparations for gentrifying his neighborhood, Cuckboi offers to be the mattress.
  • When cuckboi takes you to American Apparel and you pick out a $78 1993 Chicago Bulls Championship t-shirt, he pulls out his father’s credit card and says “don’t worry, I got it.”
  • Cuckboi’s Graduate school thesis is on how women practicing polyamory with multiple men is the real ultimate stage of Marx’s historical materialism.
  • When you go to Cuckboi’s and ask for a drink, he offers you five obscure microbrew beers and they all taste like battery acid.
  • Cuckboi is currently organizing Transsexual baristas for the IWW.
  • Cuckboi agrees to watch your kid (which isn’t cuckboi’s) when you want to meet a guy with a shirtless selfie and backwards baseball cap at 2 AM from Tinder.

Feel free to add your own in the comments below.