Leftist Teacher Beheaded in France Over Muhammad Cartoons! Life Comes at You Fast!

You gotta give it to the Moslems.

They hold down their fort.


French police on Friday shot dead a man who minutes earlier had killed a middle school teacher by slitting his throat in the street in a suburb of Paris, police said on Friday.

The teacher had shown pupils in his class cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad, which are considered by Muslims to be blasphemous, according to a police source.

France’s anti-terror prosecutor said it was investigating the attack, which took place in Conflans Sainte-Honorine, a suburb north-west of Paris.

The suspected attacker was spotted by a police patrol while carrying a knife a short distance from the scene of the attack. The police shot the suspect dead, according to a police spokesman.

A police source said that witnesses had heard the attacker shout “Allah Akbar”, or “God is Great”. The police spokesman said that information was being checked.

Another police source also said the victim had been decapitated in the attack, but this was not confirmed.

I can go ahead and confirm that:

That man is for sure totally decapitated.

They’re not showing the picture in the media, for presumably obvious reasons. It’s not clear who even took it, but it actually looks like the killer might have tweeted it himself before the cops came and chopped him.

This is allegedly the original posting:

It’s really an iconic picture.

I was talking to a friend who said it reminded him of Caravaggio’s Judith Beheading Holofernes.

I told him I agreed, but what I’d immediately thought of was Andrea Solario’s Salome with the Head of Saint John the Baptist.

I guess you don’t really ever see a high definition picture like that. It’s usually all blurry crap. It makes an impression.

As far as I’m aware, we’re the first site to publish the picture. Do what you can to spread it around. Social media will probably ban you for posting it, because it’s racist to post pictures of things that Moslems do, as it could make people believe they are bad. (If you judged people based on their behavior, you’d end up hating everyone who wasn’t white or Asian. So instead, to prevent racism, you have to judge people based entirely on the color of their skin – dark skin people are good, light skin people are bad.)

According to French media, the trouble started ten days ago, when the teacher was preaching about secularism, and showed the cartoons. I guess he was having a giggle? Not clear what the purpose would be. Leftists are apparently just rude people – they want all of these Moslems in our countries, then they want to mock their beliefs for no clear purpose other than to agitate them.

I recently wrote about how I don’t really understand the point of this whole “Muhammad cartoons” meme. Ostensibly, they want to destroy the Islamic religion while mixing the races, which isn’t even “multiculturalism” at all. At that point, you have to wonder why we can’t just stay in our own countries. The stated goal of multiculturalism is to mix people all together so that they have the experience of being surrounded by a bunch of people that are different from them, which is supposed to make society stronger, because it isn’t cohesive.

Apparently, when he showed the cartoons, there were several Moslems in the classroom who got mad and told their families. Things escalated quickly.

Life comes at you fast!

If you think about the impact that this killing is going to have on France, it really does forward the goals of Islam significantly. One man gives his life for his god and his people, and they all benefit. He’s being celebrated as a hero I’m sure for targeting someone who isn’t sympathetic to anyone. I hate Moslems and so on, but this shitlib retard played a really stupid game and won a really stupid prize. Meanwhile, I have to have some bit of respect for a Moslem who is brave enough to defend his god and people.

Meanwhile, right-wing terrorists are all obsessed with killing random old people, random Mexican families at a Walmart and other sympathetic targets. In Dylann Roof’s manifesto, he literally said, “I could go into a black neighborhood and kill drug dealers, but instead I’m going to a church.” Rather than being celebrated by their own people, right-wing terrorists are always hated. They always harm their own team.

Really makes you think.