Leftist Civil War: Jeremy Snowflake Cancels Bill Maher Appearance Over (((MILO)))

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
February 16, 2017

Everyone hates Bill Maher, and with good reason. But one thing that he deserves respect for is his fairly consistent support for freedom of speech, as well as his willingness to host guests and say things that make his audience start vomiting their granola in outrage. Maher has hosted a number of otherwise black listed figures, from ex-CIA Jew critic Michael Scheuer to even fairly pro-white Jim Goad on both Real Time and its previous iteration, Politically Incorrect.

Maher let’s you on the ride, but usually stacks his panels with Jews (Karen Finley and Michael Rappaport in Goad’s case) in order to dog pile you.

On Friday, Maher is slated to host (((MILO))), who is basically trying to sabotage the alt-right (a grassroots movement where the cue ball’s English is given by true-believing National Socialists) and drag it back to safe faileo-conservativism. Because Yiannopolous once worked for Steve Bannon at Breitbart, his otherwise run of the mill liberal capitalist ideology and disgusting homosexual habits that he candidly talks about is rationalized as “Fascism” by emotionally incontinent Leftists who flip out at the mere mention of Donald Trump being the President.

Even though Milo Yiannopolous exists specifically to contain the explosion in pro-white and anti-Jew ideas, the Judeo-Bolshevist habit of repeating a lie (“Milo is a Fascist”) until it becomes gospel is hilariously sapping them of strength and making them look like the mental midgets they are.

Here is Jeremy Scahill invoking “no platform” and ordering a lynch mob against Maher for plans to bring (((MILO))) on.

It appears that Scahill is trying to vote Maher off Judeo-Leftist island. The Jews and fellow travelers have basically rallied behind Maher in recent years because he’s the only Leftist who you can actually sell as funny (although his stuff since Trump was elected has suffered due to his very palpable fear) or capable of putting forward a good argument with cross-aisle appeal.

Nevertheless, this could be the first shot in a civil war within the institutional Left. With voices like Bill Maher’s being drowned out by those with a disposition that is increasingly marginalized, puerile and intolerant, nobody will complain when our side rises up to crush them.

Mr Scahill, as you can tell from his pretentious try-hard Twitter selfies, is a pile of soft stool whose upper class helicopter parents ensured he would never have to face adversity. But he’s just putting off the inevitable. If he thinks (((MILO))) is too difficult to debate, wait until he sees what comes next.