Left-Wing Media is Collapsing in on Itself Because No One Cares About Their Gibberish

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 12, 2015

The leftist media narrative is in a state of full-on collapse. Whites simply aren’t interested in this gibberish anymore, and the non-Whites who the narrative caters to have their own media.

Stephen Colbert has Anti-Donald Personality Disorder. People hate him.
Stephen Colbert has Anti-Donald Personality Disorder. People hate him.

Everyone was like “oh no” when Colbert dropped to 3rd place on the list of late night shows, but he has now dropped to 4th place, getting beat by a show that airs after him.


For Stephen Colbert and CBS, this wasn’t the game plan.

Because now…just three months after so much hype and so much love went into Mr. Colbert’s debut as the new host of Late Night, the former Comedy Central star has somehow fallen into 4th place where it matters most. In the all-important demo, he’s now being doubled up (and then some) by NBC’s Jimmy Fallon (outscored by 137 percent) and hasn’t beaten ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel in over a month. But here’s where CBS brass is likely doing a double-take: During the week of November 23-27, the 11:35 PM Late Show on CBS was beaten by Seth Meyers, who happens to be on one hour later (12:35 PM) on the Peacock.

This is probably the worst disaster in talk show history. Or maybe The Daily Show’s new Black guy gets that title, given that his failure is going to collapse that entire network. It’s unknown.

What is known – and this is the reason I’m bothering to write about shows which most of my readership, being millennial /pol/ocks and neo-Nazi extremists, probably do not watch – is that the left-wing agenda is losing steam, fast.

The media is framing the collapse of Colbert as his being “too political,” but it is obvious that it is the kind of politics that he is pushing that people dislike. Every single talk show in the world wants Donald Trump on as a guest because of what it does for ratings.

Bizarrely, their explanation for the failure of Trevor Noah, the Black Daily Show guy, is that he’s not political enough! Mind you, his entire show is about insulting the right-wing.

People hate him.
People hate him.

In actual fact: people are fed-up with this tripe.

Meanwhile, In the Tubes…

We can see this reality online as well.

In fact it’s even more obvious on the internet, where there is a lot less investment needed to keep the show rolling. No major left-wing website that I’m aware of is profitable. They all require external funding to keep them running.

Firstly, many of these sites – not just NPR – are directly funded by grants. Mother Jones and Indymedia are examples; this model makes up about a third of left-wing sites.

It was a big story that when AOL bought the biggest left-wing site of all, Huffington Post, in 2011 it wasn’t making any money. Now, four years later, it still makes no money, according to a comprehensive investigation by the Wall Street Journal. AOL keeps the site alive as a propaganda outlet.

Wikipedia gives us the following on the financials of Salon:

Salon has been unprofitable through its entire history. Since 2007, the company has been dependent on ongoing cash injections from board Chairman John Warnock and William Hambrecht, father of former Salon CEO Elizabeth Hambrecht. During the nine months ended December 31, 2012, these cash contributions amounted to $3.4 million, compared to revenue in the same period of $2.7 million

As we have reported many a time, Salon is the most hardcore Jew site around, and functions exclusively as a propaganda outlet. It is not a business.

The Daily Beast famously lost $100 million dollars under Tina Brown, and it still makes no money.

On top of this, George Soros pours money into Columbia University, and most of the professors then write for these outlets for free.

Yep: There's this Jew again.
Yep: There’s this Jew again.

People are Fed-Up

All of this just goes to show that the people have had enough. They are fed-up with the Marxist-Jew narrative being forced down their throats.

And they are looking for an exit strategy.

And one exists.

Mr. Rogen, I would like to welcome you... to the internet.

Donald Trump’s mild statements of obvious fact have thrown the whole system into chaos. And that fire he lit isn’t likely to go out any time soon. People want answers to a question of key importance:

What the hell is going on?

...And a Donald shall lead them.
…And a Donald shall lead them.

Because when the Donald lets cats out of bags, he doesn’t simply demonstrate that the entire Republican party has been shilling for non-Whites, he exposes that the entire media apparatus has been doing the same.

This has more and more people turning to outlets such as The Daily Stormer.

Our numbers just keep going up.

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