Left Gloating About People Getting Coronavirus is Now Just Self-Humiliation

The number one story on r/WorldNews this morning was a piece about how an Indian politician who downplayed coronavirus is now infected with it.

The reddit scum linked to Gulf News:

An Indian politician, Sukhbir Jaunapuria, who posted a video sitting in a pool of mud with a conch shell in order to supposedly ward off coronavirus, tested positive for the disease on September 14.

According to local media reports, on Monday, he was one of the 24 Members of Parliament (MPs) who tested positive for COVID-19.

A month prior to the results, the MP from Tonk–Sawai Madhopur constituency in Rajasthan uploaded a video on his Facebook page.

In the video, Jaunapuria was seen sitting in a muddy field, with a conch shell in his hand.

The member of India’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) then claimed that blowing a conch shell and bathing in the mud will enhance his lung capacity and being close to Nature will save him from getting infected by coronavirus.

“Go out, get wet in the rain, sit in the dirt, work on the farm, blow a conch … and eat ‘desi’ things. One gains immunity from doing these things,” Jaunapuria was heard saying in the clip.

As the news of Jaunapuria testing positive for COVID-19 surfaced online, many social media users trolled him. Tweep @PremanandAlok wrote: “Thanks, BJP MP from Tonk-Sawai Madhopur, Sukhbir Singh Jaunapuria for proving that mud pack, blowing of the conch shell does not boost immunity against coronavirus.”

Reddit is completely obsessed with gloating when someone who downplayed coronavirus gets infected with it.

They’ve been doing this all the way back to when Boris Johnson got it. Johnson had been saying that the UK should avoid a lockdown, and reddit laughed that now he was getting what he deserved for being against science.

When Bolsonaro got infected, it must have been one of the biggest stories in reddit history. They were screaming, “YOU DIDN’T THINK IT WAS A BIG DEAL AND NOW YOU HAVE IT – HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!”

Of course, the issue is: these people are not dying of the virus. They downplay the virus, then they get infected, then they get better – this means that they were correct. Hysterical reddit people were wrong. The virus is not a big deal and virtually every single public figure who has gotten infected with it has recovered.

Almost certainly, this Indian mud bath guy will also make a full recovery.

So what are they gloating about, exactly? That the person might have a cough for a week or ten days?

The only person who actually died was Herman Cain, and he was a cancer survivor. He was 74, and the life expectancy of an African-American male is 69. So they can say, “AHAHAHA YOU’RE DEAD” to this guy, but it definitely doesn’t bolster their theory that healthy young people are going to start dying of this virus.

I guess it goes without saying that wishing death upon people who don’t embrace the popular mental illnesses of reddit is morbid. But we’re probably past that at this point. To be frank, I’m hoping the people who supported the lockdown all die of drug overdoses, suicides, malnutrition, murder, treatable medical conditions, and other things that are going to kill people as a result of the lockdown. They do deserve it.