Left Calls for Terrorism Against French Satire Journal Over Megan Markle Cartoon

Although the site has evolved some in terms of tone and narrative, when the Daily Stormer was banned from everything, it was primarily a shock humor website.

I’ve no idea why Charlie Hebdo was allowed to continue to do shock humor for so long after I was banished and buried over it. Actually, I do have an idea – they made fewer jokes about Jews, and more jokes about sex.

However, it appears that they’ve now reached the end of the line, as an international outcry is forming over a recent cartoon mocking Meghan Markle and George Floyd (as well as potentially the British Monarchy, though that’s not what the outrage is over).


Notorious French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo has published a new cover making fun of Queen Elizabeth, Meghan Markle, and George Floyd at once. Amid the outrage, some liberals demanded blood.

“Why Meghan Markle left Buckingham Palace,” read the cover of this week’s Charlie Hebdo, followed by the punchline, uttered by Markle: “Because I couldn’t breathe.” The illustration depicts Markle pinned under the hairy knee of a smiling Queen Elizabeth II, with the pose and punchline a reference to George Floyd, a black man who died under the knee of police officer Derek Chauvin in Minneapolis last summer. “I can’t breathe” were Floyd’s last words.

The cover sparked outrage. “This is wrong on every level,” Halima Begum, director of a UK anti-racism think-tank, tweeted, adding that “this doesn’t push boundaries, make anyone laugh or challenge #racism. It demeans the issues & causes offence, across the board.”

“This is some white supremacist bulls**t,” tweeted a British group called Black and Asian Lawyers for Justice. The group accused Charlie Hebdo of “pimping #GeorgeFloyd trauma for profit,” and publishing “outrageous, disgusting, fascistic racism.”


The real “internet hate machine,” which is woke culture, something which seeks to completely destroy any form of creativity or transgression, is now in full swing against these naughty Frenchmen.

In 2015, Moslems shot up the offices of the publication. It was considered an outrage back then.

But now you’re seeing this:

(Here’s the archive of that tweet, by the way, as I suspect it might get deleted.)

The entire “woke” thing is definitely shaping up to be a lot more radical than radical Islam. Unlike radical Islam, however, their violent fantasies against anyone who makes a joke they find offensive are endorsed by the most powerful people on earth.

The direction this is going in should probably be pretty concerning.