LeBron James Calls for Blood After Columbus Police Shooting of Stabber

Just bounce the ball and then throw the ball, monkey! We gave you a lot of money! Bounce the damned ball! Stop trying to get people killed!

On Twitter this week, LeBron James threatened to kill the Columbus cop who shot a black bitch who was stabbing another black bitch.

He deleted the tweet. It was posted after the footage was released showing the context of the shooting.

But the timeframe was close enough that maybe he hadn’t seen the attempted stabbing when he posted the tweet, and maybe he deleted it after he saw it. Or maybe he deleted it after some Jew lawyer sent him a warning. Who knows. Whatever.

Details aside, this shows what we’ve predicted: the conviction of Derek Chauvin has simply emboldened the political blacks, and now they want to do it again. The sacrifice had led to a desire for more blood. This is typically how human sacrifices have worked throughout history – the dark blood gods are never satiated. They are always hungry, and wetting their whistle simply makes them hungrier.

LeBron’s tweet got a whole lot of likes and retweets in the short time it was up before he deleted it, implying if not outright proving that this is the general mindset of the mob.

(Yes, that is an ominous “666” indeed, isn’t it?)

Blacks are going to be on the lookout for the next potential victim of their crusade, and refusal to charge a cop could be what kicks off the next big wave of riots.