Lebanon: Syrian Child’s Corpse Dug Out of “Lebanese-Only” Cemetery

Daily Stormer
September 27, 2019


Another place where (((diversity))) doesn’t work.

Completely unexpected.


On Friday a four-year-old Syrian child was removed from the Assouns town cemetery in north Lebanon, as the district’s mayor, Roula al-Baya, had reportedly demanded.

The distrct reversed its decision following an outcry in the town and on social media, however the family re-buried the child in another town.

I’m gonna guess the “outcry” was just a handful of people posting on the internet, and the old people who run the town confused that with real life.

Most Lebanese don’t really like the other Arabs, primarily because they’re Shiites but also because they consider themselves as culturally superior.

Might be because there are no camels there, since they’re the only country in the Middle Earth East that has no desert in it.

You can even go skiing there in the winter.

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Shiites, on the other hand, couldn’t do this because, obviously, the Sunni were between them and the niggers, and they were fighting the Sunnis for most of the time.

That’s why Shiite Arabs are generally paler, taller and have a higher IQ than Sunni Arabs (the latter being basically high yellows).

This is probably what most people in the Middle East looked like up until the Moslem slave trade from Africa

Arabs are mongrelized to the point where various groups calling themselves that have nothing in common other than the language.

But back to the article.

Lebanon, a country of some four million people, hosts an estimated 1.5 to two million refugees who have fled the conflict that erupted in neighbouring Syria in 2011.

Lebanon’s economic and other woes are routinely blamed on Syrian refugees by local politicians and the government has ratcheted up the pressure to send them back to Syria.

Keen not to encourage Syrians to settle permanently, authorities allow only informal camps for refugees.

A strong anti-refugee backlash has also gripped some sections of Lebanese society and there has been pressure on Syrian refugees to leave Lebanon.

Another case of diversity not working.

You can contrast this with all the cases where it did work, like… erm…

Oh right, there are no cases where it worked.

There never has been, and there never will be.

And Syrians should go back to Syria, most of it is probably safer than most western European cities these days anyway.