Leaving the Fence on the Milo Issue

Morgoth’s Review
October 1, 2016


I do enjoy a bit of drama and Milo-Gate hasn’t let me down, I’ve spent more time than usual catching up with the latest discussions and podcasts, reading comments threads and various articles. Back in April when Milo Yiannopoulos began flirting with the Alt-Right I wrote an article  in which I expressed my dismay that a flamboyant gay Jew should be courting a movement which would see him deported to Israel, but if he was willing to help us achieve that goal then, hey, great!

So here we are half a year later, it seems like as good a time as any to assess how useful Milo has been to the cause of racial Nationalism.

The general consensus back in April, or at least my impression of it, was that we would all hold our noses and think of Aryan girls in wheat-fields and scenic images of Alaska, as a deeply irritating queer funneled the awakening White masses towards our direction. Some people in the movement became excited, this was trendy and edgy punk fascism for the millennials, others, rather wearily, pointed that Milo was just a gay Jew in drag and the whole enterprise a disaster.

The argument in favour of Milo would point out that (at that time) Milo had 300,000 followers on Twitter and that he was making anti-political correctness cool for the kids, but that’s happening anyway, with or without Milo, the SJW’s and liberals in general are under siege constantly, they are the establishment and people will always react against the prevailing orthodoxy. Given that Milo is such a prominent media personality and has massive potential to assist us,  the bar has to be raised higher, much higher! than laughing at a couple of chubby feminists on Twitter.

Whenever I point out that Milo could be doing more to help us, if that was his aim, I’m told that ”Yeah, but Milo could loose his job if he starts naming the Jews and talking about racial differences. He’s in a difficult position”. But Milo never had to defend us, he only ever had to expose the masses to our ideas and way of thinking, he didn’t have to own what we say, he simply had to report what we say, this is crucial and worth exploring a little.

Given that Twitter and the memetic warfare which its platform has spawned plays such a prominent role in all of this, I’d like to explain what Milo should have done if he were not a liar charlatan and bullshit merchant. The most frequently used meme on Twitter by the Alt-Right is still the ”White Genocide” meme or one of its variants:



Milo must have seen the above meme or something similar to it literally thousands of times but not once did he mention it on CNN or Fox or any other MSM outlet. There’s an older YouTube video on the history of the Jews which is a masterclass in feigned objectivity. Before pretty much every point he makes the guy who made it first clears his throat with a ”Some say the Jews exploit non Jews through usury” or ”It is alleged that Jews promote multiculturalism for everyone except themselves” he then goes on to prove that these allegation are objectively true, but not once does he have to own the position and therefore be banned or locked up.

Milo didn’t even attempt to do this. Milo did not go on the BBC and say ”What I’m seeing is a grassroots movement of White people who think they’re being deliberately dispossessed and actively encouraged to blend themselves away, I’m not saying I agree with them, I’m saying that’s what they think”. Milo choseto call the people who post such memes jolly jesters having a lark and more recently, just a tiny fringe of racist ‘1488ers’. It’s really quite sickening, who the hell makes jokes about the genocide of their own people? and when and why did the term ‘1488er’ enter parlance as a derogatory term for genuine Nationalists?

Who are the ‘1488ers’ now? what does that even mean? I’m assuming Stormfront are the benchmark, Andrew Anglin will qualify, but now so too does The Right Stuff and probably Greg Johnson and Counter Currents, is professor Kevin MacDonald a 1488er? The reverse psychological  warfare is relentless and must be recognized and tossed out, before the Alt-Right became popular no such distinctions were made, there were arguments on National Socialism and ontology and philosophy, but not these lazy slur terms, thinking White men argue principle, and that’s why I can, without even a hint of irony, claim that:

All Libertarians Are Whores.

The above by-line is deliberately provocative because I want people to take a step back and think about how the movement has progressed over the last 18 months or so, to be blunt about it, are we a blood and soil racialist movement or are we, and our people,  merely a niche market to be exploited?.

When people point to the surge in dissident thought surrounding the Trump campaign and the general increase of White discontent, they usually point to a group of people on YouTube with considerable reach, Sargon of Akkad, Stefan Molynuex, Paul Joseph Watson, Alex Jones, Black Pigeon Speaks and Milo himself. All of these people have a libertarianesque view on the world and all of them have become some what friendly to what we are trying to achieve. The question is why are they doing it?


The libertarian world view covets two principles above all else, personal freedom and making money. It isn’t a means to an end, it is the end, by contrast, the Nationalist believes in changing the entire fabric of the modern world so that it reflects and compliments what is best for the racial group as a whole. If ((somebody)) mails me and offers me large amounts of cash to turn this blog into a civic Nationalist yawn-fest I cannot do so, I would be a traitor to my principles and people. A libertarian can do whatever he likes because his core ideals actually encourage him to use his personal freedom to make money in any way he sees fit.

White anger, fear and discontent is a market, and it’s being exploited. This is not necessarily a bad thing, Stefan Molynuex makes a living from tapping into the anti-PC zeitgeist and the angst of White people, like the guy mentioned above who made the Zionist Conspiracy Movie, he does so objectively, everyone is a winner with Moly. Milo Yiannopoulos is grotesque because what he’s doing is attempting to create a captive market, he wants to make a career based upon White fear and anxiety about the future, but he’s closing off all avenues that offer a solution to that fear and anxiety, the man is a serpent.

I wholeheartedly support those who are trying to reject this snake, Milo, from our midst, it isn’t just about who lays claim to the title ”Alt-Right” it’s about who and what directs the increasingly angry and fearful White masses, and we racial nationalists are the only people who can truthfully and sincerely give our people the answers, and the possibility of a better tomorrow.