Leaked Report Shows 50% Rise in No-Go Zones in Sweden

Daily Stormer
June 14, 2017

So tolerant

It’s getting harder and harder to hide the fact that Sweden is a literal warzone. That’s what you get when you let women rule you, indoctrinate children to hate themselves, flood your country with endless hordes of sub-humans and turn your prisons into 3-star hotels with better living conditions than most people who obey the law.

Of course, we all know the (((root cause))) of this, but the kikes could never have pulled it off without the help of a large number of actual Swedes. Or rather, Swedish women.


The number of areas classed as “vulnerable” by Swedish police has risen from 15 to 23 in two years, according to leaked documents held back from release by Sweden’s national police chief.

They were leaked because multiculturalism is so great that you can’t tell anyone anything about it.

Police hoped that increased resources would have reduced the number of “vulnerable” areas — typically migrant-dominated neighbourhoods which have been turned into virtual no-go zones as a result of rampant drug trafficking, gang crime, and religious extremism.

But the classified report, which was produced by the intelligence department of Sweden’s National Operations Department (NOA) and has been seen by Dagens Nyheter,  showed that law enforcement has been helpless to halt the spread of criminality and extremism.

Police forces “find it difficult to carry out [their] mission” in neighbourhoods classed as “vulnerable”, according to NOA’s research, for a number of reasons which include “an unwillingness of the population to participate in legal proceedings”.

In all fairness, most of them are dumb and illiterate, so even if they did want to help you, they probably couldn’t do much.

Local media reported that the Police Board intended to publish the updated list of vulnerable areas last month, but national police chief Dan Eliasson prevented its release.

“This information is very sensitive,” a source said of the report.

Eliasson is making every effort to get the results turned around, but they have been going in the wrong direction.”

What exactly does this faggot think he’s doing? Outside of outright forging statistics and ethnic cleansing, there is no solution.

In February, U.S. President Donald Trump was scorned by the establishment and media in Sweden after he told a rally that the Nordic nation is “having problems like they never thought possible” as a result of mass migration.

But just hours after the president’s speech in Florida, riots in which cars were set ablaze and shops were looted broke out in the notorious “vulnerable” zone of Rinkeby.

In April, Breitbart London reported that dozens of homes in the Stockholm suburb were no longer receiving postal deliveries after the company responsible judged the neighbourhood, where a majority of residents were born overseas, to be too dangerous to send their staff.

Construction on Rinkeby’s fortified police station was put on hold in March as authorities could not find a contractor willing to send his workers to the site as the area was “too dangerous”. Many officers due to be stationed there fear they will be targets on their daily commutes, and will likely not be able to travel on public transport.

In 2015, Breitbart London reported from Rosengård, a no-go suburb of the migrant-populated and heavily government subsidised Malmö, that the newly-built police station was closed and not a police officer was to be seen in the area.

Sounds promising…

Swedish feminists have also been moving out of the no-go zones of Husby and Tensta following intimidation from local Muslim men.

Not much left to say, really. It’s bad, and it’s only gonna get worse until Swedes decide to do something about it – and by “something” I mean large scale genocide of all race-traitors and shit-skins in their country, along of course with the kikes who hold their leashes.