Leaked Army Document Reveals 84 Percent of Women Failed the New Rigorous Combat Fitness Test

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
October 9, 2019

When the fitness test isn’t adjusted to account for vagina’s disabilities, vagina tends to fail the test.

Daily Mail:

A leaked Army document reveals that 84 percent of women have failed the new Army Combat Fitness Test, which will become the official annual US Army physical exam next year.

The rigorous six event strength and endurance test, known as the ACFT, has been in place at select training units since October 2018 and is slated to become the official physical test of record by October 2020.

A leaked document shared online has gone viral after its shocking results revealed that the overall passing rate of the ACFT test was just 64 percent.

Among men about 30 percent failed the exam and – even more alarmingly – 84 percent of women failed, according to the Army Times.

Instead of getting more men to join the military, we have to develop some kind of special training program to get these female soldiers to barely pass the tests and honor Equality.

If women are just biologically unable to pass the test, The Right Thing To Do is to adjust the test to go easier on women and never ever talk about this ever again.

The test was conducted by 11 battalions, which equals more than 3,200 soldiers – 2,849 of which are men and 357 are women.

However, Army officials say that the data circulating online is not from official documents from the Center for Initial Military training.

‘The chart in question is not an official document and wasn’t assessed or aggregated by CIMT to produce official results,’ Lt. Col. Peggy Kageleiry, public affairs director for CIMT, said.

The data shared online was supposedly taken from slides used to bring the secretary of the Army and chief of staff.

According to the data, overall about 36 percent of soldiers failed the rigorous exam. Men passed the exam at a rate of 70 percent and women passed with a mere 16 percent.

The most difficult part of the exam was the leg tuck event, which saw a staggering 72 percent of women fail. In some cases, women have been required to perform the move just six months after giving birth.

In the leg tuck event soldiers hang perpendicular to a pull-up bar and bring their knees up to their elbows and back down again for a repetition. The exercise is meant to test muscular strength, endurance and grip.

“For a repetition”? ONE ENTIRE REPETITION?! Six months after giving birth!?

How dare they expect their soldiers to be able to move their bodies?

Lactating women are protecting America with their lactating breasts.

It doesn’t matter whether or not they can lift their knees up to their elbows for one repetition while hanging from a pull-up bar.

The new exam has been met with mixed responses for its revolutionary new standard of testing that omits age and gender norms in testing and consists of six events that emphasize strength and endurance that will be needed in combat.

The events measures muscular strength, muscular endurance, power, flexibility, coordination, speed, agility, cardiovascular endurance, balance and reaction time.  The tests including lifting 120 to 420 pounds, throwing 10-pound medicine balls, sprints, leg tucks, and 20-minute two mile runs.

Isn’t that what everyone expects? Enemies won’t calibrate their strength and attacks depending on the US army soldiers’ age and gender to make the fight fair and trick women into believing in equality — they’ll go for the win, and winning against women is significantly easier than winning against men.

Sending female soldiers to face male soldiers in any context is a very cruel and hilarious thing to do.

The same people that get up in arms when a man defends himself and hits a woman back are eerily silent about sending women to be killed by foreign threats.

In our society, you don’t ever hit a woman under any circumstance, no exceptions, but you can send that woman to be brutally killed by male soldiers with no real chance to defend herself and it’s okay because that’s empowering.