Leaked Anti-Chinese State Department Document Shows Everything Anglin Said

Axios (of all publications) has leaked a white paper from Mike Pompeo’s State Department showing the strategy for dealing with China.

Entitled “The Elements of the China Challenge,” the 70-page paper produced by the Office of Policy Planning demonstrates all of the things I told you that the US was planning to do with China, as well as the way that the government views the Chinese.

The underlying message is that China presents a threat to the “unipolar order of the post-Cold War world,” and that the US must use the military and subversive trickery against the Chinese to protect globalist financial interests.

This is yet another massive vindication of the great understanding that is presented here on the Daily Stormer.

RT has a great summary of the contents of the paper:

“The Elements of the China Challenge” is full of conservative undertones and promotes American exceptionalism, but doesn’t fully go into the realm of the “clash of civilizations.” That framing was noticeably voiced by the former head of the Office of Policy Planning, Kiron Skinner, who’d initially led the work on the plan. Last year she compared her country’s competition with the USSR to the unfolding rivalry with China, saying the former was “a fight within the Western family” while the latter is “striking” in the sense that “it’s the first time that we will have a great power competitor that is not Caucasian.”

Communist villains

The new State Department paper says it was time to dispel “the starry-eyed optimism about [China] that has distorted US policy” towards it for many years. Washington should consider China a threat to “established world order,” driven by “a distinctive blend of Marxism-Leninism and … an extreme version of Chinese nationalism” of the ruling Communist party.

Nationalism has always been the key threat that the post-WWII US government has sought to destroy.

You can see it best in the former Yugoslavia, where Bill Clinton’s government went in and aided a bunch of Islamic terrorists in overthrowing the Serbs. There was literally no threat from the Serbs themselves, but there was a threat from the idea of nationalism.

With China, obviously the people are the bigger threat than the idea, but the nationalism is what powers the people. Chinese believe that only Chinese people have any value on the earth, and that is an idea that makes a nation very strong.

It says China by nature has inherent weaknesses, including constraints on innovation, difficulties in forming alliances, demographic imbalance, environmental degradation, persistent corruption and the costs of maintaining order at home, or, as the document describes it, “monitoring, censoring, and indoctrinating 1.4 billion people in China.”

It’s a good thing the US doesn’t have to deal with monitoring, censoring and indoctrinating its population!

That really gives them an edge, huh?

There is also “the illness, death, and social and economic devastation wrought worldwide by the Covid-19 pandemic born in Wuhan,” which, according to the State Department, has led to international anger over Beijing’s “contempt for human life, indifference to other nations’ well-being, and disregard for international norms and obligations.”

The document stresses that Washington blames China’s leadership rather than the Chinese culture. “Freedom and democracy” can flourish in China “as they do in Taiwan and South Korea, and did in Hong Kong,” it says.

I’ve said this before and I will say it again: Taiwan and Hong Kong (and Singapore is a better example than South Korea) are examples of the Chinese hive mind cracking off and creating a new central rallying point.

The Chinese will always have a hive mind, and they will always seek a central rallying point for the hive mind. You can’t stop that.

If China were to invade Taiwan, then by the end of the week, the population of Taiwan would have rallied around the mainland Chinese hive mind. They would throw away, without thinking about it, whatever “values of democracy” Taiwan is supposed to represent.

Taiwan already maintains a nearly identical social order to that of the mainland, with the primary difference being that they allow gay sex and are friends with America. Everything else – the gigantic crowds, the chaotic streets, the crowded living, the tight-knit families, the authoritarian government, the childishness, the bing-bing-bong – remain the same.

Asians have a core psychological drive towards collectivism. They must conform. It is their primary higher-psyche drive, which goes beyond any drive for “freedom” or any other abstract concept. (They are also more prone to associate the concept of “freedom” with personal freedom rather than political freedom.)

This is why they are the “ideal minority” in Western countries – because as soon as they enter a new environment, they begin looking for a central point of the culture to rally around. We interpret this as “assimilation,” and I guess it is assimilation, but their reasons for doing it are not examined.

Also, this magical assimilation only happens when they are thrown into white society alone or in small numbers. If they are allowed to maintain colonies, as they are allowed to do in Canada, they will never even bother to learn the native language.

This is also why they are obsessed with crowds.

Their brains dump dopamine when they are all smashed together, all cooperating and acting the same.

It is also why no form of revolution would ever be possible in China.

The only thing that the CIA has been successful in doing in their disruption programs is creating weird cults. They’ve created Falun Gong and various Evangelical “home church” cults. The reason that these cults worked – you guessed it: they hack the hive mind impulse, splitting off a new, smaller hive inside of the cult environment.

After the US invaded Korea, and they introduced “freedom and democracy,” effectively neutering the national race identity, everyone joined some kind of cult. If you ever read any kind of news from Korea, you find that this is a society that is totally dominated by cults (decent though biased article on that here). Just a couple years ago, the government nearly imploded due to conflicts between cults.

But you are never going to be able to displace the CCP as the main hive structure. It just cannot possibly happen. This means that the only real way to destabilize China is through war.

Securing US-led world order

Tackling the “China challenge” will require a “multi-pronged approach” that “will enable the United States to secure freedom” at home and for the rest of the world. The State Department lists ten points of action necessary to contain China.

At home Washington needs to “preserve the constitutional order,” “foster a growing economy based on a free market” and “cultivate a vibrant civil society.” It needs to “maintain the world’s most powerful, agile, and technologically sophisticated military” to protect America’s commercial interests.

Well, the military part is going well.

And we’ve got a lot of vibrancy.

The thing with the Constitutional order and the free market – not so much.

There is also lots of education to be done, both to have a competitive edge in science and technology and to create a cadre of specialists in Chinese studies. American diplomats, military strategists, economists, technologists and political theorists “must be well-versed in the country’s language, culture, and history,” the document says, implying a shortage of China expertise in the US.

American people also need to be taught about the Chinese threat, because “only an informed citizenry can be expected to back the complex mix of demanding policies that will enable the United States to secure freedom.” Education will “enable students to shoulder the enduring responsibilities of citizenship in a free and democratic society and to meet the special demands” of a modern economy.

Yes, yes – this is something that I’ve told you was coming and which you’ve seen unfold: they have to demonize China in order to get the American people to accept making sacrifices in order to fight the Chinese.

I’ve not seen one thing that the Chinese actually did to America, and yet in 2020, anti-Chinese sentiment has grown exponentially. People are being whipped into a frenzy, without there being any real meat as to why we should be sacrificing our own freedom, money and wellbeing for the sake of liberating the Chinese from something they’ve no interest in being liberated from.

What is truly incredible is this chant of “I hate the Chinese – they should have freedom!” I saw this bigly on my own forums – people were coming on with this racist stuff about the Chinese (which yeah – I get that) – but then saying that they supported them having freedom!

If you hate them, why do you care if they have freedom?

I don’t even hate the Chinese, but I am against America making even one sacrifice for the wellbeing of the Chinese.

This is just pure brainwashing. One of the biggest culprits, if not the single biggest culprit, in internet right-wing circles has been Paul Joseph Watson. Watson regularly copies my material, but he removes any mention of Jews, and then he adds neocon poison pills about the need to fight all these wars to liberate allegedly oppressed nonwhites.

Watson actually went to Hong Kong to attempt to foment violence among local Antifa.

This claim that “Antifa is bad in the West but actually, it’s good for some reason in China” should have immediately rung alarm bells in everyone’s head. Leftist revolutions against the patriarchy in the name of anal sex are pretty much always bad – even if they’re happening in a country full of people you hate.

Just be careful, and ask questions if someone on the internet who appears to be somewhat sound otherwise is telling you we need to care about foreigners and fight for their freedom.

Internationally, ‘Elements of the China Challenge’ says the US needs to reevaluate “its alliance system and the panoply of international organizations.” Allies (“the world’s democracies and other like-minded partners”) will be required to sign up to a more efficient sharing of responsibilities. International organizations will need to be reformed “where possible” and pushed aside “where necessary” by new ones built by the US.

Yes, China is buying off a lot of international bodies.

That’s definitely happening.

One of the single claims by these neocons that is actually factually true.

The US will still have to cooperate with China simply because of its economic might, but one of its primary goals is to “eliminate dependence on China for critical materials and goods” for itself and for its allies.

Great power competition

The leaked paper fits the logic of “great power competition,” which became the focus of the Trump administration’s foreign policy but can be traced back to the “pivot to Asia” of his predecessor, Barack Obama. The need for a perception of America as a force uniquely predisposed to govern global affairs also enjoys a bipartisan consensus in Washington.

The US sees China and, to a lesser degree, Russia as “revisionist” nations trying to dismantle the post-Cold War unipolar world. Washington accuses them of authoritarianism and accuses them of various misdeeds, like suppressing dissent at home, fostering corruption in other nations to take advantage of them, military adventurism and others.

Yes, what we need to do is destroy governments that suppress domestic dissent at home, foster global corruption, and engage in military adventurism. That is absolutely something I can get behind.

Go deeper: The bottom line in all of this is that China is something of a global challenger to the West, but the only reason that it is is that the US transferred the entire domestic industry of the country to China. That is where they got all of this power.

The leaders of the West apparently didn’t have any actual understanding of the Chinese mindset, and thought that when they started making money, they would begin to integrate with the Western system. Instead, they used that wealth to bolster nationalism and make a play for global domination in order to defend the Chinese nation.

I obviously never would have given them our industry, if I had been in charge.

The logical thing at this point, now that China has this level of power, would be to allow them to dominate Asia, and make treaties and deals in order to ensure that they stay in that space. That is the foreign policy that I would run, if I were in charge. China doesn’t have any desire to rule over non-Asians, so they are only going to lash out at the West if they are forced to do so. What the West is doing is trying to force their hand.

The underlying desire to fight China comes from one place: the leaders of the West serve a globalist ideology, and thus they are demanding that the entire globe submit to their whims. The “China threat” is not a threat to America, or Europe for that matter, but it is a threat to globalism, because China is intent on dominating and holding all of Asia.

If you, as a far-right internet person, get involved in anti-China sentiment, you are absolutely falling for the tricks of the Jews. What we need to do is get rid of these Jews that control our countries. At that point, we can begin to make deals with the Chinese to keep them on their half of the globe.