LEAK: Extinction Rebellion is a White Supremacist Group Planning to Collapse Civilization

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 6, 2020

It turns out that the anti-warm weather group Extinction Rebellion is actually totally awesome. They are a racist and White Supremacist group that is planning to destroy all civilization and return to the Paleolithic age. They lie about this because no one would accept it because most of them will die if they do accept it.

Their entire global warming schtick is just a ploy to push their White Kaczynskist agenda.

I’m actually fine with this. What’s more, I unironically support it.

Collapsing industrial civilization and returning to a hunter-gatherer lifestyle is the best idea I can think of at this point.


A co-founder of Extinction Rebellion has been filmed at an event calling for activists to “take down” civilisation as part of the group’s disruptive fight for climate change.

LBC can reveal today, as part of Nick Ferrari’s campaign for police to have greater powers to clamp down on the group, that Simon Bramwell spoke publicly at a meeting hosted by Deep Green Resistance UK, calling for them to adopt more extreme tactics.

Simon Bramwell

Nick Ferrari’s Enough is Enough campaign is calling for changes to be made to the Public Order Act to give the police power to ban any protest that will cause serious public disorder. At present this power is limited to just protest marches.

Mr Bramwell spoke at a meeting by a group named By Any Means Necessary?, which was advertised on Facebook.

The talk was advertised online with a slogan asking whether nonviolent action was the most “effective tactic for bringing about climate change.”

“As the climate crisis worsens daily and governments worldwide fail to take meaningful action, it has never been more imperative to discuss all tactics available for resistance. Time is running out and those in power are not listening to mounting calls for radical change,” the event’s advert states.

Mr Bramwell was filmed at the event saying: “Extinction Rebellion is the spirit of our age. It contains absolutely every dichotomy and absolutely every flaw and beauty that our present society encapsulates. It is white-supremacist, it is racist. It is also very very beautiful and there is incredible people doing incredible work within the organisation. It is also deeply deeply patriarchal and people like Roger Hallam completely and utterly 100 percent exemplify that patriarchy

Roger Hallam is the co-founder of the organization.

Roger Hallam

He’ll straight rape a bitch because he doesn’t even give a shit.

“It becomes clear to me that what we need to do more than anything else is to kill the myths that have got us here.

And to transform the myths that have got us here and this is no easy task. And it is up to all of us, en masse along with doing things like shutting down fossil fuel industries, direct sabotage, mass civil disobedience, we must also transform the myths that have got us here, the myths that we are in fact civilised.

“We are facing the hardest of times at the moment. Our civilisation is displaying every sign of collapse and because we have become so separated from nature, as that collapse occurs that pent up animal in us is gonna be released in utter savagery.

And it is part of our duty in my opinion that we’ve also got to not only take down civilisation but shepherd ourselves and incoming generations back into a state of wilding as it were, into like a feral consciousness that is also one of the biggest tasks remaining to us.

“We are not going to be able to convince civilisation to ‘lose’ as it were.

“We can’t convince people that we are going to have to do without food. We can’t convince people that they’re going to have to do without more flights.

“We can’t convince people that they are going to maybe *have to see their child die* because we don’t simply have the machinery and technology to keep them alive any longer.

“So we have to offer them something else along as these trajectories of civil disobedience and direct sabotage of civilisation…”

Extinction Rebellion said in a statement: “Extinction Rebellion is a broad church of people – including lawyers, doctors, electricians, nurses, farmers and teachers – who have come together to ask our government to act to avert the worst effects of climate change.

“Simon’s views as expressed in this video do not represent the position of Extinction Rebellion as a whole.”

Plausible deniability. Nice.

This is necessarily a right-wing agenda. And this guy obviously understands that. He’s talking about a “feral consciousness.” Does that sound like something that respects wahmen and trannies?

There will be no social justice in the forest. It will be pure and absolute patriarchy. Faggots will get the bog and bitches will get raped. The weak will not survive.

The only thing that will matter will be the tribe, and your place in it. For it is only the tribe that can allow you to survive. You will be in a constant state of war and violence, and you will die a noble death.

These guys know all of this, of course they do, but they are smart enough to get idiot women high on Jew gibberish about white people changing the weather to push for their brutal white supremacist agenda by simply redirecting them for their own purposes.

These stupid sluts out there screaming this Bill Nye gobbledygook about the weather are going to be in for quite a surprise when the Extinction Rebellion plan comes to fruition and they all get sold into literal sex slavery at open flesh markets.

At first she was like
But then she was like

I am officially joining Extinction Rebellion and am going to start promoting this stupid global warming gibberish as part of a plan to undermine and collapse civilization so that we can return to a Conan-type system.

I already have an entire team of jacked dudes ready to join my tribe as we tear across Ohio on horseback towards the Pacific Ocean and leave a path of burned villages, dead bodies and raped sluts in our wake. Most of the men will be culled because modernity has already broken them, but we will bring the boys with us in our convoy of terror and train them in the arts of blood and savagery.

We will then build our kingdom in the wreckage of Los Angeles and sell sex slaves for beads and animal hides.

I will be the dictator of the largest sex slave market on earth, and I will collect the most beads and animal hides of any man ever in all of history.

Men will come from across the land to purchase our high-quality sex slaves and witness the glory of our fighting pits, where man will be pitted against beast in the ultimate championship arena.

They will call me the King of California, and I will bestow upon my children and the children of my comrades a legacy of White Supremacy that will last 1,000,000 years, and embodying true feral consciousness, they will live off the land in perfect harmony with nature, and their bounty will be unmatched by any.

If you haven’t read it yet, please read Unabomber Ted Kaczynski’s “Industrial Society and Its Future.” It is the best of all terrorist manifestos.