Leafy Isn’t Here Anymore! He’s Banned from Everywhere!

YouTuber Calvin Lee Vail went by the name “Leafy is Here” on YouTube, but he is not here anymore. Leafy has been banned from both YouTube and Twitch, in quick succession, because he said something about some bitch.

Leafy is a classic YouTuber from the old days, and he had nearly five million subscribers before he was banned.

The oligarchical streaming platforms claimed that the Leafster was involved in “bullying and harassment,” a popular modern euphemism for “criticizing or otherwise speaking negatively about women or their behavior.”

The Aryan Princess in question is named Pokimane. Interestingly, I want to have sex with this woman, even though she has a stupid face and is a dumb bitch and may actually have some sort of neurological disorder.

Leafy’s primary criticism was that Pokimane, who primarily streams on Twitch and whose other name is “Imane Anys,” has a boyfriend that she hides from her Twitch subscribers.

Leafy also noted that the slut has “tier 3 subs,” which is a Twitch service where you give a bunch of money to a woman. He said that the men were paying this in the hopes that she would notice them.

As we’ve covered here often and in detail, women on the internet sexually manipulate men into believing that maybe they will get a chance to have sex with them. They do this while extracting money. It is in many ways the female version of a pimp. The only difference is that when a pimp uses a woman’s sexuality to make money for himself, she understands what is going on, and she is also getting something out of it, in the way of drugs. A man who sends money to an internet woman gets nothing.

A further element is that the subconscious of the human brain does not recognize the concept of a high definition video feed. When a man is sitting and watching his screen, the emotions that are created by his subconscious mind are created based on the premise that the woman is sitting in his room and talking to him.

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Obviously, these women will often pretend to not have a boyfriend, as that helps with the illusion that one of the people that watches her online might someday have sex with her.

This phenomenon is new, and it is something that has not been discussed with any detail and openness. We have what must be hundreds of millions of dollars being transferred from lonely men to these predatory women, and we need to discuss it.

It is possible that we will come to the conclusion that either:

  1. The men are getting some personal benefit from this relationship, and thus it is not as horrible as it seems at first, or
  2. The men are voluntarily entering into this arrangement, and thus it is consenting adults and so on

However, we will not decide anything as long as the official policy of the society is, “women can do whatever they want to anyone – you just have to shut up and accept it, or we’ll silence you.”

Once again, we saw the successive banning process, where being banned from YouTube already meant that Leafy was quickly banned from Twitch. A non-political YouTuber, with five million subscribers, being banned for what amounts to “drama” is a pretty hardcore upping of the ante.

Apparently, the new normal with regards to censorship is that you are not ever allowed to criticize the behavior of a woman, in any context.

(He was technically banned from Twitch for accidentally saying, “nigga, please,” but that sort of thing tends to be allowed off with a warning. The obvious reason that he was banned from Twitch was that he’d been banned already from YouTube.)

The Great Cleansing

Leafy had said some right-wing stuff before, sort of, but he was pretty much just a standard hapa nerd and drama-monger. Banning him is a serious escalation, not only because of why he was banned, but because of who he is. He is an old school YouTuber who has been around forever as a part of a clique of people who have a lot more influence than the system believes random people ever should have.

PewDiePie hasn’t been banned yet, but all he even does anymore is Minecraft streams. It’s likely that they told him he could avoid being banned if he stopped doing any political or social commentary.

Leafy’s ban came after a targeted harassment campaign by Hasan Piker, who is an Islamic terrorist from Turkey who is heavily promoted by Twitch.

Piker is best known for not getting kicked off of Twitch for saying that he supported the 911 attacks. He is a gargoylesque liberal shill, and probably glows in the dark. He is a forced meme brought in to shill a leftist agenda when the CIA realized that 100% of gaming streams were right-wing.

Piker is the nephew of Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks. It seems likely to me that he was being used as part of the corporate campaign to justify cleansing the internet of Leafy.

In the remaining weeks leading up to the election, we are very likely going to see even more extreme banning actions. They do not want any single individual who is not a part of the system to have a voice.