Leafy Attacks Feminist Anti-Racist Bitch

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 18, 2016

Leafy’s channel is watched more than most mainstream TV shows. t 2-4 million views, his videos beat basically every cable news show other than Bill ORLY and Megyn [sic] Kelly. To give further perspective, the Game of Thrones season finale got 8 million views.

And lately he’s been going full-on anti-SJW.

Obviously, he’s not a Nazi. But this is what’s popular now. Anti-SJWism. It’s what the kids want to see. But the Jews have a total lock on the media, so the only place they can see it is on YouTube.

This is that Overton Window we keep talking about, sliding on rightward at a rapid pace.

Also, please get Leafy to do a video explaining why Hitler was bad. Dare him to watch The Greatest Story Never Told. He will make a video about it, guaranteed.