Leaders of Violent Hong Kong Revolution Photographed with US Consulate Official

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 9, 2019

It’s just a Chinese conspiracy theory that this entire disgusting event is manufactured by American spooks, stupid goyim!

How dare you question the fact that Chinese citizens in a Chinese city are really concerned about murderers not being extradited!

Are you an anti-Semite???


A Hong Kong activist who has played an active role in the ongoing anti-Beijing protests has raised suspicions after being photographed meeting with a senior official from the US consulate.

Joshua Wong Chi-fung, the secretary-general of pro-democracy party Demosisto, told the Hong Kong Standard that there was nothing sinister behind his recent meeting with Julie Eadeh, a political unit chief of the US consulate general in Hong Kong. Their rendezvous, which was caught on camera, was quickly seized upon by pro-Beijing media.

“I even went to Washington several times, so what’s so special about meeting a US consul?” Wong told the Standard.

“I’m obviously a shill for ZOG, so why is taking a picture with a ZOG agent a big deal?”

Touche, Mr. Wong Chi-fung. 


He claimed that their discussion focused on the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act – a bill proposed in the US Congress which calls for involvement in safeguarding “democracy” in Hong Kong. The two also reportedly discussed banning US exports of equipment to Hong Kong police.

When contacted by AFP for comment, a State Department spokesperson said representatives of the US government “meet regularly with a wide cross section of people across Hong Kong and Macau.”

On Thursday, China’s Foreign Ministry expressed “strong dissatisfaction” over media reports alleging that a senior official at the US consulate had met with a Hong Kong “independence group.”

Just imagine.

Don’t even imagine Occupy Wall Street. Imagine if Richard Spencer was photographed holding meetings at the Chinese consulate before and after Charlottesville. Imagine it.

In a statement, the ministry urged Washington to “immediately make a clean break with various anti-China rioters” and “stop interfering in Hong Kong’s affairs immediately.”

Yeah, they’re probably not likely to do that.

This is the exact same motherfucking thing that happened in the Ukraine, where the rioters were meeting up at the US consulate to collect money and instructions on how to overthrow the government.

They even admit it! Look!

It is simply disgusting what these kikes do.

What is more disgusting is that they keep getting away with it.

China better do something. 

They took my advice and called out the US in harsh terms even before this damning evidence emerged, so I hope they take my advice and use some kind of serious motherfucking VIOLENCE to shut this down. They should either kill protesters or like, just invade Taiwan right now.