Leader of Gang of Negro Pimps Arrested

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
January 8, 2017

The Squad.

I was surprised when I opened this article and saw the pictures.

I was expecting a gang of White British men.


For nearly the last three years, officials in Hillsborough County have been attempting to prosecute charges against a number of men and women allegedly involved in attempting to control the drug and prostitution trade in the Queen City, according to the New Hampshire Union Leader. Brandon Griffin, 30, lower middle right, is the alleged ringleader of a gang known as “The Squad” and has received a 101-count indictment against him for allegedly ordering members to trade and assault prostitutes, Tase and physically assault others, threaten rival drug gangs, and deal drugs in the city. Griffin was indicted last year for felony crack cocaine dealing in the spring of 2017, and is currently incarcerated.

The report details the investigation by the Hillsborough County Attorney’s Office. Four other gang members have been indicted and others indictments will also be issued, the report noted.

One alleged member of the gang is former Concord resident Courtney Barrett, upper left, of King Street in Manchester, who was indicted on three counts of trafficking in persons, three counts of conspiracy to commit trafficking in persons, and four counts of tampering with witnesses and informants, in Hillsborough County Superior Court-North in November.