Le Pen Statement on the Paris Massacre

Daily Stormer
January 8, 2015

You would think that after this attack, Le Pen could come out and just be like “every single Arab who doesn’t renounce Islam has to get out” and win the election by default on fear alone. Instead of doing that, however, she has come out and said the same thing as everyone always says – “we have to reject the radical ones.”

Well, Marine, no one ever accepted the radical ones in the first place, if by radical ones you mean the ones who commit acts of terrorism. If you mean the ones who believe something “radical” than you are not speaking in clear terms, because what is considered radical is subjective, but by most European standards, all Moslems are radical.

Right now is the time for the right to say the truth, without sugar-coating, and rally the people. I have no idea why Le Pen would refuse this opportunity.