Lazy N-Word Dallas DA Refuses to Prosecute “Minor” Crimes

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
April 16, 2019

Has a black person EVER come up with a good idea, ever?

Kera News:

If a poor person steals food or diapers or other essential items that they need but can’t afford to pay for, should they be prosecuted? Dallas County District Attorney John Creuzot says no.

It’s one of several new policy reforms that Creuzot called a step toward ending mass incarceration, and possibly the most controversial.

Creuzot launched his bid to unseat District Attorney Faith Johnson last year, pledging to roll back policies that lead to incarceration and disparities in the justice system, but have dubious public safety value.

On Thursday, he announced the changes as a first step in fulfilling his campaign promises.

In an open letter, Creuzot discussed his commitment to not charge some lower-level drug crimes, which are enforced more often when offenders are people of color. He outlined policy changes related to bail and probation aimed at reducing the number of people in jail.

Is this nigga serious right now?

That’s just what Texas needs: more roaming criminal spics terrorizing the state.

And he decried a justice system that criminalizes poverty, saying he doesn’t to prosecute offenses that often punish people living in poverty, who are homeless, and who are mentally ill.

That includes a move to stop prosecuting people for theft of personal items worth less than $750. It only applies to necessary items, Creuzot says. Theft for economic gain or resale will be charged. 

Do I really have to explain what will happen?

There will be a huge surge in crime. And the cities are going to become even more uninhabitable.

Which also means that this is the beginning of the end of rule of law, folks. 

The rule of law has failed at the border and now it’s going to start failing within the country as well. It will be labeled euphemistically as “criminal reform,” but it will just mean letting more criminals out of overflowing jails and a huge spike in crime AS WELL AS penalizing people for defending themselves.

Some big-brained folks termed this state of affairs as “anarcho-tyranny” – a system wherein the authoritarian state apparatus doesn’t keep you safe, but punishes you if you defend yourself.

An “anarcho-anarchy” state of affairs would be preferable to this. It would quickly result in White Wing Death Squads, which would create their own new order.

So you better believe that it’ll never be allowed.

In order to maintain anarchy in a white country, you literally have to have an army of militarized badge-niggers forcing it on people.

It’s a bad state of affairs, lads and it’s only going to get worse in the foreseeable future.

Acceleration, this may be. Good for us, it is not.

Andrew Anglin contributed to this report. 

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