Lazy and Entitled Millennials are Unprepared for the Apocalypse

This boomer meme is true.

The boomers claim that millennials are lazy and entitled. Unlike virtually everything else that the boomers say, this is actually true.

Millennials, and I would assume those younger than millennials as well, are totally lazy and completely entitled. They won’t commit to doing anything, they think they know everything and don’t want to learn, and they expect other people to do things for them.

This isn’t some baseless boomer nonsense. It is obviously a fact of basic reality. Just look at these people. If you ask them why they don’t have a job, they start talking about Jews.

Look: in some bigger scope, the Jews are responsible for your personal problems. In a tighter scope, boomers, and in particular your parents, are responsible for your personal problems. But they’re your problems, and you can either solve them or let them destroy you. Those are your two options. If a pit bull starts charging at you, you don’t start a lecture about how pit bulls should be banned – you either run or figure out some way to kill the dog.

The root cause of problems is only relevant on the political scale. On the personal scale, the only thing that matters is how you deal with your problems.

The first and foremost thing you can do is start to develop an attitude of competence, which I’ve written about. You should learn skills, which I’ve also written about.

We’re going into a total collapse situation. I see right-wing losers arguing that when society collapses, it will finally be their time to shine – because, the theory goes, despite the fact that they were never successful at anything in their entire life, they will be really successful during an apocalypse, because they’ve always been really negative about life.

This is idiotic.

The fact that you viewed life really negatively is not going to make you functional in an apocalypse. Functional people tend to be functional people in different situations. This idea that the really successful person freaks out and dies first in the apocalypse is just a stupid Hollywood trope.

No, “competence” and “success” are not the same thing. It’s just that they very often overlap. Yes, some people who are rich, or work desk jobs, or whatever, will not do well in the apocalypse. That’s presumably true. When the system collapses, the people who were most dependent on the system will tend to not do well. But who is more dependent on the system than some loser who doesn’t work and blames Jews for their problems?

No one. That is the person who is the single most dependent on the system.

The people who will do best in the apocalypse are emotionally stable people who are physically fit who were competent at making money and living independently.

If you’re a right-wing loser who blames all of your personal problems on Jews, now would be a very good time to change that attitude. You are going to face challenges in the coming years that no people has ever faced, and the likelihood is that you are not prepared for any of it. Changing your attitude won’t make you a competent person, but it will put you in a better position than you are in right now.

The biggest determinator of success during the apocalypse is going to be who has the ability to adapt.

If you couldn’t figure out how to make a living in modern society, couldn’t figure out how to get laid, couldn’t figure out how to make good friends or gain status, you’re probably not going to be very good at adapting to an apocalypse. Sorry.

Unless you responded to not being able to deal with modern society by going out into the woods and learning survivalism, you are in no better position than someone who knows nothing about Jews or race or whichever other topic. Knowing about these things does not in any way make you more capable of surviving anything. This information is not somehow magic. If you think knowing these things makes you better than other people, you are simply deluding yourself to excuse your pathetic position in life.

As far as everything that is written on this website: the only knowledge that is actually applicable in real life for the average person is the information about women, and the self-help information. The rest of this stuff is simply to keep you informed about what is going on, and where your allegiances should lie, politically. It does not give you magic powers. If you think it gives you magic powers, then you’re no different than annoying conspiracy theory people who have nothing going on in their lives and try to condescend to others by pretending to be geniuses because they how some secret knowledge from a YouTube video.

If you’re a person who is incapable of completing simple tasks, or gets bored or tired easily when trying to do something, or cannot learn grammar, or needs someone to help you fill out forms – you’re in for a bad time. You are not magically going to become an alpha dog race warrior when the wheels come off the train.

I’ve focused a lot on trying to wake up the people that think this isn’t happening. Now, I’m speaking to the people who know it is happening, but haven’t really thought through what exactly it implies, and how they are personally prepared to deal with it.

Please, think about this.

This doesn’t apply to all of you. There are competent millennials. But if what I’m writing here hits home for you, you need to do some serious self-reflection.