Lawyer in Kangaroo Court Claims Golden Dawn Beat Her Up

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
November 5, 2017

It’s hard to believe, but the prosecution of Greece’s Xrysh Aygh (Golden Dawn) is now in its third year.

Golden Dawn was one of the spearheads in the ongoing revolutionary Western renaissance. They revised a known model and defeated the powerful Greek J-left in the street, which allowed them to become the third largest party in the country. At the time, Jews in New York City ordered the bought and paid for Greek government to imprison all their parliament members so they wouldn’t have room to grow.

They were forced to spend 18 months in prison with no trial in a political crackdown not seen since Greece’s military dictatorship. The leadership was forced to sit out important elections and its party logistics were under close surveillance by ruling forces.

They are accused of organizing a top-down assassination conspiracy to take out…some little known wigger antifa rapper!

They are accused of a plot to assassinate this guy…

So far, the bogus trial against them has been transparently corrupt and broken the whole way. Just yesterday, the prosecutors in the case were caught coaching their star “anonymous” witness as they speak over livefeed.

The system has no case and it knows it. It is falling apart and Golden Dawn has enough domestic support to inform its supporters and people on the fence about it.

For this reason, they are now coming up with novel ways to keep the case alive.


A prosecution lawyer in the ongoing trial against Golden Dawn, as well as another woman, were attacked by supporters of the neo-Nazi party on Alexandras Avenue in Athens on Wednesday.

The lawyer, identified as Evgenia Kouniaki, was reportedly getting off a trolley bus when the attack happened, and was headed to Athens police headquarters (GADA), where five protected witnesses are due to testify by video link at the special court in Korydallos Prison near Piraeus where the trial against Golden Dawn is being held.

If you think the jude-icial system in America is above these kinds of antics and lies, think again.

The political imprisonments at Charlottesville and Gainesville (the Fears brothers) are just a taste. Nationalists in America are not even 1/20th as powerful as Golden Dawn is in Greece yet already they are beginning to drop all pretenses of free speech, a fair trial and innocence until proven guilty.

Alexis Tsipras, the current J-left prime minister of Greece, is more or less the Bernie Sanders of the country. He ran on a platform that may have been to the left of Bernie, even.

Yet once in power, Tsipras has brazenly betrayed every one of his economic promises and made immigration to the country even worse.

The J-left offers no authentic opposition to the system, it only amplifies it!

The people of Greece now realize this and soon the clock will strike for the Meandros. Long live Xrysh Aygh!