Laws to Protect Your Feelings

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 24, 2014

Luciana Berger’s recent BBC appearance in which she literally declared a plan to round up thousands of people who hurt her feelings by calling her mean names is currently the ultimate representation of the bizarre depths to which the philosophical system of political correctness has sank.

Of course, she add the obligatory “my life was threatened business,” to make the goyim say “oh my dearie, can’t have the poor ratess getting murdered now can we jolly chaps?” but as is generally the case, the death threats were not shown to us (they can obviously just be faked or sent to herself anyway.

All of the comments sections of the hundred or so recent articles about Berger’s new “censor mean words on Twitter to protect the feelings of Jews” campaign were filled with people telling the stupid bitch she needs to either quit whining or quit politics, as politics are not the place for people with this level of feelings.

Of course she expects female privilege to cover her, where it is only reasonable for her to get her feelings so hurt thousands of people need to be rounded up and arrested in Soviet-style morning raids in order to restore her self-esteem – but hey Luciana, you ugly Jew, guess what 50 years of feminism now mean?  They mean you get to man-the-hell-up and stop crying like a little fat girl who just got slapped truck-driver with a handlebars moustache.

The Operation was Planned

It seems it is impossible for me to post an update on the Operation against Berger without someone smarter than me in the comments section explaining why my plans are wrong and how we should do this completely differently.  They claim it would be better if we were not offensive and instead tried to “wake the people up” with facts.

Well, it is fine to spread facts on Twitter – go for it – but that is not what Operation: Ratfaced Kike is about.

Seriously, I have thought this through.  If you look at the amount of media coverage I have obtained, the fact that I have gotten our agenda into parliament, the fact that we forced a major policy change at Twitter and may yet cripple the company, you can probably note why I find it offensive to be talked down to like I have no idea what I’m doing and need someone to explain it to me.  Maybe those complaints were valid when this thing started, but they aren’t anymore and I am shocked to still be seeing them.

More than that, we need a united front here on Twitter, not a bunch of people whining.  This is a war of attrition.  As long as we keep at it, we win.

Your Tweets will not be seen by the general public.  If they are known, they will be mentioned as it was recently mentioned that Luciana was called a “filthy Jew bitch,” and the public who see it will be like “she seriously wants thousands of people rounded up because she got called a mean name by people on the internet.  That is already the consensus among the people.

The vulgarity is a purposeful part of the operation, and it is how we got to the point we are now.  It was purposeful.  We can now use this same strategy to pull Russell Brand and his followers into this drama if we just keep on it, and thus keep this Jew exposing all Jews for what they are: a bunch of insane control freaks with a genuine belief that they have a divine right to rule over us like livestock.