Lauren Southern Banned from Patreon, Murdoch Murdoch Banned from YouTube – What About Cynthia G?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 23, 2017

The alt-light citizen journalist and activist Lauren Southern was recently banned from Patreon for… I don’t know what.

Being a part of the Alt-Lite, she makes it a point to never say anything racist or politically incorrect. She did not even make it onto the ADL’s hitlist for being a member of the hateful Alt-Lite.

Ostensibly, Patreon banned her because they said she is planning to murder people.

Here’s the note that Trust+Safety (because what is safety, without trust?) sent her.

lel @ making $6,000 a month and only having a balance of $95. She gets that money out quick so she can head to the Krispy Kreme and Dairy Queen, no doubt.

I do not think “we think you are planning to kill people” is a valid line of reasoning.

Clearly, they believe her Jeb Bush-tier conservative politics are “right wing hate speech.”

Although she wasn’t on the ADL’s hitlist, cracking down on her is a sign that they’re about to launch a full crackdown on everyone.

It is not just Southern. I have been kicked off of Patreon, as has everyone else in the Alt-Right. Banning Southern is just taking it to a whole new realm.

I was recently watching a funny video from 4chan fav Cynthia G, a black supremacist YouTuber, and noticed that she is using Patreon to fund her hate videos.

Cynthia refers to white people as “cave beasts,” and claims we are not people.

And yet, right there she is on YouTube, and Patreon.

Shockingly – to me, at least, as I tend to think of blacks as both tech illiterate and stingy – she has over 800 donors.

Her profile description on Patreon itself contains “hatespeech” against whites and “my people” hatespeech in support of her own race, saying her purpose is to study the behavior of whites and promote the interests of her own people. I don’t have to tell you that if the races were reversed, that wouldn’t last long.

Murdoch Murdoch Banned from YouTube

Cynthia G makes her hate content on YouTube.

Famed Alt-Right cartoon creator Murdoch Murdoch was just banned from that website for “hate speech.

For those unfamiliar, it was very light-hearted content. You can check out some mirrors of his content here. Yes, there was some “racism,” but it was so esoteric that it is impossible to imagine anyone actually feeling “hated” by it.

This is also a sign of a coming crackdown – basically what both Patreon and YouTube have done is picked an outliers – something not especially hardcore at all – to set a precedent to close the gap between that and what is already banned.

So, both these bannings coming in the same week is a shot over the bow – the Jews are putting extreme pressure on these companies, and these companies are saying “well, we wouldn’t usually give up profits for no reason, but since you’re threatening to defame us in the international media if we don’t go along with your censorship program, I guess we don’t have any choice.”

Holding Them to Their Own Standards: Let’s See What They Have to Say About Cynthia

So, let’s report her and let Patreon decide if they want to openly host vitriolic anti-white hate material while banning someone as benign as Lauren Southern, or if they want to ban a black person for anti-white hatred, thus bringing down the wrath of the social justice community, who believes that there should be an institutionalized double-standard punishing whites.

Of course, if they do decide to openly embrace the double-standard, we can advertise that fact and get some mainstream normie eyes Southern-supporter eyes on it. I will write up a piece that is normie Southern-supporter friendly that will get traction on social media, including – if they will give it – a press statement from Pateon itself on why they are continuing to host this hate content of Cynthia G’s.

Let’s also go ahead and report her to YouTube, since her content is a whole lot more extreme than Murdock Murdock’s.

Just a Quick Note on Free Speech

I am a free speech absolutist, and believe everyone should be allowed to say whatever they want to say. And yes, that would include Cythia G calling me a “cave beast.”

I also think that in the age of mega monopolies, it should be illegal for private businesses deemed to be de facto monopolies – such as YouTube and PayPal – to discriminate against people based on their political views.

That said, I certainly don’t believe that whites should be punished for being white while nonwhites are encouraged to promote hate for whites. That is absurd.

If they’re going to silence whites, then we should force them to silence nonwhites as well.

How to Report Cynthia G on Patreon

Click on this link, which will lead you to the report page.

Fill that out thusly:

Here is the information for you to copy and paste for each box.

What is the Creator’s Patreon URL? *

Please give a brief explanation of the situation. *

Cynthia G runs a YouTube channel for the sole purpose of insulting, attacking and psychologically harming white people. Each video she produces contains endless hate speech against whites, who she calls "cave beasts," "albinoid devils," "animals" and many other such terms. She also continually claims that white people are "not people." Her entire premise is that whites are "evil" and "inferior." Furthermore, she engages in targeted harassment of white individuals and groups.

Evidence – Link 1 * - white people are "cave beasts," "not people," "non-human entities," etc.

Evidence – Link 2 * - white people are "evil albinoid devils"

Evidence – Link 3 * - "Caucasoids are violent savages" because they lived in caves, says they get sunburn because they are "inferior"; entire video claims that white people are not human

You will be thanked.

How to Report Cynthia G on YouTube

To report her on YouTube, go to her “About” page and click the flag.

Select “report user.”

The only option is “hate speech against a protected group,” which obviously means “all groups except whites,” but click that nonetheless. Or click harassment and threats, as that is also valid, given that she harasses and threatens whites.

Click “continue” and then select “race or ethnic origin.”

Click “continue,” and you will be given the option of selecting five videos to report. You can just click any of them, as they are all hate videos.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and you will be given the option of “additional notes.”

Just enter the same thing we entered for Patreon.

You may want to uncheck “block user” (which is checked by default) so that you can continue to keep an eye on her. If you block her, you won’t be able to access her videos.

You will be thanked.

And now, you’ve done your good deed for the day.

What will Happen?

Cynthia G is the perfect target for this campaign, as she is producing literal hate content.

We in the Alt-Right make jokes and so on, but our main, core argument is simply that we want to have our own countries, where we can live amongst ourselves. Any argument we make about other races is to further that very clear, explicit goal. What are the purposes of Cynthia G’s arguments, as she lives in a country built by whites? What is her end goal, if not the exact thing that we get accused of: to spew hatred for no reason other than to make herself feel superior?

So, if Patreon and YouTube side with Cynthia G, they are making it clear, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that this censorship campaign is not about shutting down “the emotion of hate” (or in Southern’s case, the claim she is planning murders), but instead it is about silencing white people.

If they do ban Cynthia G, then we have established a precedent for the banning of anti-white content, and we will continue to up the ante. This will eventually cause left-wingers to become outraged over censorship, which will cause another type of backlash.

It’s a win-win situation for us.

So get reporting!